Clubs and Activities

  • 2020-2021 Clubs and Activities


    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

    FCA provides a space for Christians on campus to come together and share life.

    Sponsors are Coach Ford and Mrs. Fagan (click here to email a sponsor)

    Club meets the first Friday of each month at 7:15 in the field house. Any student is welcome to join in for breakfast and fellowship.


    Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad is part of a national competitive science competition.

    Sponsors are Mrs. Middleton and Mrs. Sharman (click here to email a sponsor)

    Science Olympiad meets after school and travels to competitions. Click here for the ACS Science Olympiad website.


    Alabama Junior Academy of Science

    The Alabama Junior Academy of Science is a science project competition for 8th and 9th grade students with a scholarship prize.

    The sponsor is Dr. Mark Jones (click here to email Dr. Jones)

    Students will meet during advisory; see Dr. Jones for more information.


    Student Council

    Student Council represents the students of Auburn Junior High by serving the school and the community.

    Sponsors are Mrs. Randall and Mrs. Fagan (click here to email a sponsor)

    Student Council meets during advisory; applications are received at the end of the school year for the following year.


    Hal Moore Leadership Academy

    Hal Moore Leadership Academy strives to develop community leaders, especially in traditionally underrepresented populations.

    Sponsors is Mr. Bennett (click here to email a sponsor)

    Hal Moore meets during advisory; applications available in the media center and from Mr. Bennett.


    Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    FBLA develops the skills and interests of students interested in pursuing a career in business, finance, and related fields.

    The sponsor is Mrs. Grace (click here to email Mrs. Grace)

    FBLA meets during advisory; see Mrs. Grace for more information.


    Campus Life

    Campus Life is a safe place to hang out, play fun games, and have great discussion with other students.

    The sponsor is Mr. Holt (click here to email Mr. Holt)

    Campus Life meets in the choir room at 7:30 every Wednesday.

    Campus Life is not currently meeting but check updates on Schoology for when they may resume!


    Tiger Pride

    Tiger Pride is a club that is dedicated to spreading kindness to teachers, students, and the community. We complete various projects throughout the year that are focused on helping others, showing appreciation for teachers, and so much more!

    The sponsors of Tiger are Ms. Goodson, Ms. Malone, and Ms. Waller (click here to email a sponsor)

    Tiger Pride meets during advisory; applications can be picked up and turned in to any of the Tiger Pride sponsors by 8/23.


    The Auburn Edition

    The Auburn Edition is a student literary magazine. Students in the group select and assemble the literary magazine, which is published twice a year.
    The sponsor is Mrs. Landers (click here to email a sponsor)
    The Auburn Edition meets during advisory.

    Recycling Club

    The Recycling Club helps recycle paper and cardboard on campus. They also work to develop programs that will educate people and decrease waste production.
    The sponsors are Mr. Flohr and Ms. Love (click here to email an advisor)
    Recycling Club meets during advisory.


    MUSE (Music Student Enrichment) is a club open to band students that explores the general study of music, or musicology, as it takes a deeper dive into the world of music history, theory, composition, world music cultures, and so much more!
    The sponsor is Mr. Wine, Director of Bands (click here to email Mr. Wine)
    This club meets during advisory; applications are available from Mr. Wine.

    Tiger Tales Yearbook Staff

    The Yearbook Staff is an advisory group. If you are interested in applying for next year or you have questions, please click here to email Mrs. Winter.

    Sign Language Club

    Sign language club is for students interested in learning and practicing ASL, American Sign Language. 
    The sponsor is Coach McDonald (click here to email Coach McDonald)
    The club meets during advisory; go by 501 to fill out an application.