Clubs and Activities

  • 2023-24 Clubs and Activities

    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

    We have fun and encourage each other! We meet together, eat together, fellowship together! We also have awesome guest speakers who challenge and encourage us!

    Sponsors are Mrs. Fellows and Coach Thacker (Click here to email a sponsor!)

    The club meets the last Friday of every month/ Starts 7:15am/ AJHS Fieldhouse

    All are welcome! If interested in being part of a leadership team, please see Mrs. Fellows. 

    Auburn Junior High School Ambassadors

    Ambassadors will represent our school in the Auburn community and at Auburn City Schools events. We will also have an advisory that is focused on leadership and communication skills! To be an ambassador you have to meet these qualifications:

    • Be a well-rounded 9th grade student
    • 3.0 GPA (A’s and B’s)
    • Teacher approval to miss class on occasion
    • Reliable transportation outside of school hours for events

    If you are interested, applications will be available on Schoology in the spring for rising 9th grade students. You can email Ms. Mikos ( or visit room 206 with any questions!

    Korean Club

    Korean Club in Auburn Junior High School will broaden student awareness of another aspect of the Asian world. Our mission is to spread Korean and Korean American culture to the AJHS campus and the community to achieve a strong sense of unity and communication. By informing and spreading students about Korean Culture, the club hopes to bring everyone together, embrace diversity, and diversify AJHS even more.

    The sponsor is Mr. Chun. (Click here to email Mr. Chun)

    Korean Club meets on Tuesday and Thursday after school, 3:50-4:30.

    Birthday Bunch

    The Birthday Bunch celebrates every student's special day with a personalized birthday card sent through the mail. This group organizes birthday lists, decorates cards, prepares them for teacher signatures, and addresses and stamps envelopes. 

    The sponsors are Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Smith for 9th. (9th grade click here to email Mrs. Lewis)

    The 8th grade sponsor is Ms. Player. (Click here to email Ms. Player)

    This club meets during advisory.

    Art Advisory

    Art Advisory will work on solo and group art projects.

    The sponsor is Mrs. Smith (click here to email Mrs. Smith)

    This club meets during advisory

    Student Council

    Student Council represents the students of Auburn Junior High by serving the school and the community.

    Sponsors are Mrs. Randall (click here to email a sponsor)

    Student Council meets during advisory; applications are received at the end of the school year for the following year.

    Campus Life

    Campus Life meets every Wednesday in the choir room after school from 3:45-4:45 starting on August 24th. It is a time for students to hang out and meet other students and to talk about the important things in life with Campus Life leaders. 

    Anyone is welcome to stop by at anytime during the school year. Ask Mr. Holt if you have any questions. 

    The sponsor is Mr. Holt (click here to email Mr. Holt)

    Be Kind Club

    Be Kind Club (BKC) strives to help community members in times of need and participates in various fundraising efforts. We complete a large project each nine weeks with smaller projects in between.

    The sponsors of BKC are Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Brown (click here to email a sponsor)

    BKC meets during advisory; there is a $5 membership fee. Look for posters to scan the QR code to apply.

    The Auburn Edition

    We create the school’s digital literary magazine called The Auburn Edition. The goal of The Auburn Edition is to publish artwork, photography, poetry, and stories created by AJHS students. Student staff members help get the word out about submissions, submit their own work, review submissions, and help create the magazine end product.

    The sponsor is Mrs. Landers (click here to email a sponsor)

    The Auburn Edition meets during advisory.

    Use the QR code on our flyer or email Mrs. Landers for a link to the application. Mrs. Landers’s email is

    Recycling Club

    The Recycling Club helps recycle paper and cardboard on campus. They also work to develop programs that will educate people and decrease waste production.

    The sponsors are Ms. Provost and Mr. Flohr (8th grade click here to email Ms. Provost; 9th grade click here to email Mr. Flohr)

    Recycling Club meets during advisory. Message one of the advisors or scan the QR code at the club fair to become a member.

    National History Day

    Select a topic related to an annual theme, research the topic, and present your research at a state competition. Qualify for national competition in Washington, D.C.!

    The sponsor is Ms. Roge (click here to email Ms. Roge)


    MUSE (Music Student Enrichment) is a club open to band students that explores the general study of music, or musicology, as it takes a deeper dive into the world of music history, theory, composition, world music cultures, and so much more!

    The sponsor is Mr. Wine, Director of Bands (click here to email Mr. Wine)

    This club meets during advisory; applications are available from Mr. Wine.

    Tiger Tales Yearbook Staff

    The Yearbook Staff is an advisory group. If you are interested in applying for next year or you have questions, contact Mrs. Jeidy-Brown (click here to email Mrs. Jeidy-Brown)

    Sign Language Club

    Sign language club is for students interested in learning and practicing ASL, American Sign Language, through watching videos and working with classmates. 

    The sponsor is Coach McDonald (click here to email Coach McDonald)

    The club meets during advisory; look for posters to access the application. 

    Campus Beautification & Horticulture Club

    This club will be learning basic landscaping design, horticultural skills, and applying those to small projects on our campus.  

    The sponsor is Mr. Baker (click here to email Coach Baker)

    The club meets during advisory.

    AJHS Diversity Council

    The AJHS Diversity Council aims to increase consciousness and recognition regarding social biases, inequality, ethnicity, and race on our campus through student-led projects. 

    The club meets during Advisory

    The sponsor is Ms. Almonacid, Room 203 (click here to email Ms. Almonacid)

    To become a member, Message Ms. Almonacid so she can add you to the roster.

    Friends of Baptist Hill

    We work together with Auburn University professor Dr. Robert Bubb and his group r/PAAST (Preserving African American Story Telling) to research important events and people from Auburn’s African American history. Our research includes reading stories, creating live interviews with important people, and creating our own projects about these people or places (which can include videos, PowerPoints, or other digital media presentations). We also help cleanup and preserve Baptist Hill Cemetery which is close to the school.

    The sponsor is Mr. Shaddix (click here to email Mr. Shaddix)

    We meet every day during advisory, with only two or three meetings outside of school hours a semester.

    You can apply or become a member by stopping by Mr. Shaddix’s room (211) or sending him a message on Schoology. If anyone has an interest in reading stories, creating videos or other types of digital art, and loves history they are more than welcome to apply!


    Our club, LEGOS, represents the building blocks needed to create a compassionate and inclusive environment for students of all abilities. It is an inclusive club where students with disabilities can form meaningful and lasting friendships with their non-disabled peers. We will participate in a variety of activities together throughout the year.

    The sponsors are is Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Holder, and Mrs. Huval (click here to email a sponsor)

    The club meets during advisory. 

    What's Up, AJHS?

    This club produces a weekly news broadcast for and about our school.

    The sponsor is Mrs. Rainer (click here to email Mrs. Rainer)

    The club meets during advisory. Applications are posted on Schoology in the spring for the following year.

    STEM for Girls

    Focus: Increasing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math awareness

    When: During advisory

    Sponsor: Mrs. McKinnell (click here to email a sponsor)

    How do I apply: Scan the QR code on the poster outside the cafeteria or contact Mrs. McKinnell

    Speech and Debate Club

    8th and 9th grade students with an interest in public speaking are invited to apply. This club is an opportunity to improve public speaking skills, with the goal of joining the AHS Speech and Debate Team.

    This club meets during advisory.

    The sponsor is Mr. Pate (click here to email Mr. Pate)

    Science Club

    The goal of science club is to cultivate students' interest in learning more about Science and different STEAM fields available

    • To encourage student to participate actively in the activities organized by the Science Club

    • To promote the use of IT in learning Science

    • To understand scientific knowledge through experiments.

    The sponsor is Mrs. Howell. (Click here to email Mrs. Howell)

    Club will meet during Advisory 

    Theatre Club

    We focus on various aspects of live performing, from script reading to improv. This club is designed for students who are not currently in a theatre class but would like opportunities to learn more about theatre and even perform in front of audiences. 

    The club meets during advisory.

    To join, ask a teacher to send an email to Mr. Hooper recommending you for this club. (Click here to email Mr. Hooper)

    Auburn High School 4-H Shotgun Club

    Learn shotgun safety, compete against other 4-H programs throughout the state.

    Practice is normally on Sundays at 2:00pm at our off-campus facility

    Sponsored by Lee County 4-H. If interested, contact Coach Baker for more information. (Click here to email Mr. Baker)

    Science Through Film

    What do Lion King, Finding Nemo, and March of the Penguins have in common? Science! Also, what went into the production? How were these films produced, cast, etc.?

    This club meets during advisory.

    Sponsored by Coach Mims and Mr. Hooper (Click here to email Mr. Mims)

    Auburn MTB

    Auburn Mountain Bike Team is an ACA youth development organization focused on building strong minds & bodies while having fun. Open to 6-12th grade. All skill levels welcome.

    This is not a campus club. Students are encouraged to email for more information.

    AJHS Lettering Club

    8th and 9th grade students are invited to learn the art of lettering and find community through their creations.

    This club meets during advisory.

    Sponsored by Mrs. Jordan (Click here to email Mrs. Jordan)

    Drawing Club

    A Chance to create multiple drawings throughout the year while working to improve your skills.

    This club for 8th graders meets during advisory.

    Sponsored by Mrs. Rhodes (Click here to email Mrs. Rhodes)