Clubs and Activities

  • 2021-2022 Clubs and Activities


    FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

    FCA provides a space for Christians on campus to come together and share life.

    Sponsors are Mrs. Fagan (click here to email a sponsor)

    Club meets the first Friday of each month at 7:15 in the field house. Any student is welcome to join in for breakfast and fellowship.

    FCA is not currently meeting but if they resume we will send an announcement on Schoology.


    Science Olympiad

    Science Olympiad is part of a national competitive science competition. Students in grades 6-12 are eligible to compete.

    Sponsors are Mrs. Middleton and Mrs. Sharman (click here to email a sponsor)

    Science Olympiad meets after school beginning in October and travels to competitions; COVID restrictions may impact travel. Click here for the ACS Science Olympiad website.


    GEARSEF Science Fair and Alabama Junior Academy of Science

    Greater East Alabama Regional Science and Engineering Fair (GEARSEF) is the local Science Fiar held at Auburn University in the spring. In conjunction with GEARSEF, students can also participate in the Alabama Junior Academy of Science. This is a science project competition for 8th and 9th grade students. 

    Sponsors are Mrs. Middleton and Mrs. Sharman (click here to email a sponsor)


    Birthday Bunch

    The Birthday Bunch celebrates every student's special day with a personalized birthday card sent through the mail. This group organizes birthday lists, decorates cards, prepares them for teacher signatures, and addresses and stamps envelopes. 
    The sponsors are Ms. Hunter, Mrs. White, and Mrs. Schnars. (9th grade click here to email Mrs. White and 8th grade click here to email Mrs. Schnars)
    This club meets during advisory; applications are available from Mrs. White and Mrs. Schnars.


    Artcidents is a club for 9th grade students to do art projects.
    The sponsor is Mrs. Smith (click here to email Mrs. Smith)
    This club meets during advisory; applications are available from Mrs. Smith.

    8th Grade Art Club

    Art Club will work on solo and group art projects.
    The sponsor is Mrs. Whitehead (click here to email Mrs. Whitehead)
    This club meets during advisory; applications are available from Mrs. Whitehead.

    Student Council

    Student Council represents the students of Auburn Junior High by serving the school and the community.

    Sponsors are Mrs. Randall, Mrs. Fagan, and Mrs. Bush (click here to email a sponsor)

    Student Council meets during advisory; applications are received at the end of the school year for the following year.


    Hal Moore Leadership Academy

    Hal Moore Leadership Academy strives to develop community leaders, especially in traditionally underrepresented populations.

    Sponsors is 

    Hal Moore meets during advisory; applications available .


    Campus Life

    Campus Life is a safe place to hang out, play fun games, and have great discussion with other students. 

    The sponsor is Mr. Holt (click here to email Mr. Holt)

    Campus Life meets in the choir room (Mr. Holt's room) from 7:30-8:10 on Wednesdays, beginning September 1st.


    Tiger Pride

    Tiger Pride is a club that is dedicated to spreading kindness to teachers, students, and the community. We complete various projects throughout the year that are focused on helping others, showing appreciation for teachers, and so much more!

    The sponsors of Tiger are Mrs. Martin, Ms. Malone, and Ms. Waller (click here to email a sponsor)

    Tiger Pride meets during advisory; applications can be picked up and turned in to any of the Tiger Pride sponsors by 8/27.

    The Auburn Edition

    The Auburn Edition is a student literary magazine. Students in the group select and assemble the literary magazine, which is published once a year.
    The sponsor is Mrs. Landers (click here to email a sponsor)
    The Auburn Edition meets during advisory.

    Recycling Club

    The Recycling Club helps recycle paper and cardboard on campus. They also work to develop programs that will educate people and decrease waste production.
    The sponsors are Mr. Flohr and Mrs. Clark (click here to email an advisor)
    Recycling Club meets during advisory.


    MUSE (Music Student Enrichment) is a club open to band students that explores the general study of music, or musicology, as it takes a deeper dive into the world of music history, theory, composition, world music cultures, and so much more!
    The sponsor is Mr. Wine, Director of Bands (click here to email Mr. Wine)
    This club meets during advisory; applications are available from Mr. Wine.

    Tiger Tales Yearbook Staff

    The Yearbook Staff is an advisory group. If you are interested in applying for next year or you have questions, contact Mrs. Meyers (click here to email Mrs. Meyers)

    Sign Language Club

    Sign language club is for students interested in learning and practicing ASL, American Sign Language. 
    The sponsor is Coach McDonald (click here to email Coach McDonald)
    The club meets during advisory; go by 501 to fill out an application. 

    Campus Beautification & Horticulture Club

    This club will be learning basic landscaping design, horticultural skills, and applying those to small projects on our campus.  
    The sponsor is Mr. Baker (click here to email Coach Baker)
    The club meets during advisory; email Coach Baker at least 300 words explaining why you are interested in this club and provide three teacher references. 

    Embracing Diversity: Celebrate our differences!

    The embracing diversity club will enhance the knowledge of and embrace the diversity within our school culture through respect, empathy, compassion, and integrity. We will spotlight and/or raise awareness of students and faculty from various backgrounds to create an inclusive environment for everyone at AJHS. We will engage in the research of cultures and diversity in general to build a welcoming school. 
    The sponsor is Ms. Almonacid (click here to email Ms. Almonacid)
    The club meets during advisory. 

    Friends of Baptist Hill

    This club seeks to explore the history of Baptist Hill Cemetery and participate in the restoration and maintenance of this historic space.
    The sponsor is Mr. Shaddix (click here to email Mr. Shaddix)
    The club meets during advisory. 


    What's Up, AJHS?

    This club produces a weekly news broadcast for and about our school.
    The sponsor is Mrs. Rainer (click here to email Mr. Shaddix)
    The club meets during advisory. Applications are posted in the spring for the following year.