• 2021/2022 AHS Curriculum Guide


    Hot off the presses!!  Our AHS Curriculum Guide 2021/2022!!!

    Click here for the guide!!

    AHS Curriculum Guide Cover

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  • International Baccalaureate/10th Graders

    Attention 10th graders: Due to high demand and an increase in requested consultations, open enrollment/program recruitment for the International Baccalaureate Program at AHS will be extended through the month of February. Current 10th graders who are interested in pursuing the IB Diploma Program should email or see Mr. Tindell in AHS 1210 to schedule an individual IB consult: jetindell@auburnschools.org.

    International Baccalaureate

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  • Summer P.E.

    Summer PE (Beginning Kinesiology) at AJHS

    • The course begins Tuesday, June 1, and concludes Monday, June 28, 8:30 until 11:30 a.m. each week day.
    • Transportation will not be provided by Auburn City Schools.
    • The cost for the course is $150.00. There are only 50 spots available and these fill up very quickly!
    • Students will earn a grade and high school credit upon completion of the course, both of which will be posted to the transcript.
    • Students who commit to the course will not be allowed to drop the course once it has begun.  
    • Students will be allowed one (1) EXCUSED absence during the four-week course.  FX (failure due to unexcused absences) will be posted on the transcript of any student who accumulates more than one (1) excused absence.

    To register for the course, you must pay online at MySchoolBucks.  The payment option will be available beginning Monday, March 1, at 9:00 a.m.

    Make payment online at www.auburnschools.org/AJHS


    • For Parents
    • MySchoolBucks
    • Create or Login to account
    • Summer PE

    If you have not utilized the online payment option before, you will need to create an account.  Click on Welcome at the top of the My School Bucks site, and select your student in order to complete the process.

    Summer P.E.

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  • Summer School 2021

    From AHS's Ms. Hollis Davis, Health teacher!!  Information regarding AHS's 2021 Summer School!!!

    • Session dates will be June 7-24 and July 1-22. 
    • Registration forms will be available in the AHS's Counseling center AFTER spring break.
    • Course offerings will be listed on the form.
    • Students WILL attend traditionally and must attend a minimum of 8 hours a week.  
    • Attendance will be M-Th from 8-12 noon. 
    • Students will have from June 7 to July 22 to complete coursework; however, students can complete courses EARLIER than July 22.
    • Full credit courses are $100 and ½ credit classes are $50.
    • Students can take up to a TOTAL of 2 credit hours.
    • Your Counselor MUST approve your selection BEFORE you can pay for the course(s).
    • Payments will be made on My School Bucks.
    • Deadline to register and pay is May 14.
    • AHS Summer School is only open to rising 11th and 12th graders.


    Summer School

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  • ACS iPad 1:1 PACE Initiative!!

    For 2020/2021, Auburn City Schools is excited to continue the iPad 1:1 PACE (Providing Authentic Creative Engagement) Initiative!  With this initiative, each student (grades 7 through 12) will again be issued an iPad, a technology resource that will enhance academic opportunities across the school’s curriculum.  Please refer to the handbook located on AHS’s web page (Our School drop down menu) for more information.  Parents and students can also visit the My School Bucks (Parent drop down menu) link on AHS’s web page in order to pay the $50 ACS Technology Fee for use of the iPad and also to electronically sign the Technology Agreement form.  AHS continues to be so excited about this program!!

    ACS iPad 1:1 PACE Initiative!!

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  • Vaccination Clinic

    There will be a Vaccination Clinic at Auburn High School on the morning of Wednesday, March 3. The vaccines offered will be:  Tdap- Tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis ,  MCV- Meningococcal ACWY, MCVB – Meningococcal B, HPV- Human Papillomavirus. Only 12th graders are eligible for the MCVB - Meningococcal B vaccine.  Traditional learners or blended learners who are in class on campus the morning of March 3 can receive a vaccination, remote learners cannot receive a vaccine at this clinic.

    Parents, if you would like your student to be vaccinated during this clinic, please complete the  Vaccination Consent Form (links below). Check the vaccines you wish your student to receive on the top of the form. If no vaccines are checked, all the recommended vaccines that your student is currently due for will be given. There is no out of pocket charge to parents for this service. If your student has Medicaid, AllKids, or private insurance, your insurance company will be billed for the vaccine. If your student is uninsured, the vaccine will be given free of charge. If your student is covered by PEEHIP, they cannot receive a vaccination at this clinic.

    Completed consent forms must be returned to the AHS Nurses' Office by Friday, February 26.

    If you have any questions about the Vaccination Clinic, please contact AHS's Ms. Janice Schuster jlschuster@auburnschools.org or Ms. Alissa Compton agcompton@auburnschools.org.

    Click here for the Vaccine Consent form.

    Click here for the HPV Facts sheet.

    Click here for the TDap Facts sheet.

    Click here for the Meningococccal Facts sheet.

    Vaccine Clinic


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  • After School Success Program

    AHS 1139 (3:45 until 5:15 p.m., Mondays through Thursdays)

    Offering help with:  Tutorials, Credit Recovery, Make-Up Work


    Subject-Area Tutoring Schedule:


    Ms. Danielle Hawkins (Science),                       

    Ms. Alison Starr (Science)



    Mr. Adam Byrd (English/Writing)

    Mr. Ben Ward (Math)



    Ms. Allysa Gentry (Math)                   

    Ms. Amber Berry-Moore (English/Writing)



    Ms. Sara Hughey (English/Writing)

    Mr. Ben Ward (Math)


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  • AHS Drop Off and Pick Up Routes/Patterns

    Please refer to the image below for drop off and pick up patterns on AHS's campus:

    Drop Off and Pick Up Routes

    Click here for a PDF copy of the same image.

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  • AHS iPad/Technology Fee Information

    Remember! All of AHS students will be issued an iPad and case combination for their use during the school year! We are so excited about continuing this opportunity for our students! Textbooks, class-specific apps, and learning tools will be loaded onto these devices. As such, the iPad is a required learning tool each day for our students. Students’ personal devices will not have the same capabilities, including access to AHS’s wireless. Please refer to the iPad handbook located on the AHS website (Our School drop down menu) for more information. Before the device can be issued to the student, parents must visit the My School Bucks link (on the Parent drop down menu on AHS’s web page) in order to pay the required $50 ACS Technology Fee and also to electronically sign the required Technology Agreement form.  Please note that before parking passes can be issued, the AHS iPad/Technology Fee must be paid.  In addition, this fee must be paid before students will be allowed to purchase Homecoming Dance or Junior/Senior Prom tickets.


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