Auburn Junior High School Yearbook

  • We are sold out of yearbooks. 
    Check back in August for how to purchase next year's yearbook.  



    • All AJHS yearbooks are purchased through Herff Jones Yearbook Order Center
    • Please save your confirmation email to remember if you purchased a yearbook or not
    • If you have any questions about the yearbook, please email Ms. Jeidy-Brown - 

Dates to Know:

    • August-December: purchase yearbook; price is $40; price is $45 to stamp student's name on the cover
    • January 1: purchase yearbook; price is $45; no cover name stamping available after 12/31
    • January 23: families can no longer purchase a yearbook
    • Late April: yearbooks distributed


    How much are yearbooks?

    • Yearbooks are $40. If you would like to get your student's name stamped on the cover, the price is $45.
    • In January, the price of a yearbook goes up to $45. Name stamping is no longer available for purchase in January.

    How do I know if I've purchased a yearbook?

    • If you successfully complete the transaction to purchase a yearbook, you will receive an email confirmation. Please save this email.
    • Please keep your confirmation email to ensure you've purchased a yearbook. If you cannot find the email confirmation page, you can email Ms. Jeidy-Brown to look up your account: .

    When will yearbooks be distributed?

    • Yearbooks will be distributed in the last weeks of April. 

    Are there extra yearbooks for purchase after distribution?

    • Maybe, but do not rely on extra yearbooks being available. If you think your student would like a yearbook, make sure to purchase before the end of January.
    • The yearbooks need to be purchased in advance of distribution so that we know how many to have printed at the factory.

    I've got an awesome picture from a sport/activity. To whom should I send it?

    • Ms. Jeidy-Brown:

    How can my AJHS student work on the yearbook staff?

    • Applications for yearbook staff go out in the spring, and students are selected for staff before the next school year begins. 
    • Students should keep an eye out for the link for applications on Schoology in February/March.