1:1 iPad Program

  • Auburn Junior High School is privileged to offer our students a rigorous academic program through our 21st Century Learning Initiative.  Beginning in 2006, we successfully implemented a 1:1 program for our students.  For over ten years, much of the content delivery in all academic areas has been done through laptops. This initiative continued in 2017 with the introduction of iPads for every student in grades 8 through 12 and continued by adding 7th grade in 2019. iPads provide our students with access to academic content and creation tools for showing learning in a variety of ways.

    Mission Statement

    Prepare 21st-century students and educators to be contributing members of an ever-increasing technological and global society through an anytime, anywhere learning environment.


    Goal 1: Teachers will change and improve the delivery of instruction to realize the benefits of a one-to-one computing environment

    Goal 2: To increase student achievement, engagement, and ability to learn to meet the demands of the world they are entering

    Goal 3: Create and support equitable opportunities for student learning through the use of technology as an extension of the classroom

    Tech Tips

    Charge your iPad every night.

    Save all work to your OneDrive.

    Report to Ms. Ferrell in room 201 for troubleshooting and/or to get a tech work order.