Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Wayne Parnell

Hello! My name is Wayne Parnell. I started teaching at Auburn Junior High School in 2021. I teach Career Preparedness, and I also coach the defensive backs for the Varsity Football team at Auburn High School. I graduated from Auburn University in the fall of 2016 with my Bachelor's of Science in History. I graduated from the University of Phoenix in May of 2018 with Master's Degree in Collaborative Education. 

I have a passion for education and fostering relationships that will last a lifetime. I believe it is pivotal for students to have positive thinking role models to teach them. Developing positive habits for future careers is a very important parts of our students growth and maturation process. In Career Preparedness, our students develop positive work habits, social skills, and job skills that will allow them to stand out from their colleagues. They also learn computer skills, self-discipline, responsibility and respect among many other character traits. 

The main reason I love teaching Career Preparedness is that the long term benefits that students learn in this class will help them excel throughout the duration of their adult lives. When I look at a summary of the curriculum that we cover, I become very excited because I know that the students that come through the Career Preparedness program at Auburn Junior High School will have a clear advantage from the very beginning of their professional journey.