FACES TIME: What's Going On

  • FACES in a Pandemic

    Even during the pandemic, FACES found a way to make a difference in classrooms.  For the 2021-2022 school year, monies were distributed to each of the thirteen schools in Auburn City Schools to be used in innovative projects that directly impacted student learning.  Rather than a competitive district-wide grant process, this distribution of funds ensure all schools would be supported by FACES during the 2021-2022 school year.  Each school determined how the money would be used.

    During the 2020-2021 school year, the competitive grant process was not used due to circumstances related to the pandemic.  Instead, the teachers from the top scoring grants the prior year, 2019-2020 were given additional funds by FACES to extend their projects another year.  We congratulate the following teachers and schools for their creative engagement of students through resources purchased using FACES grant funds in 2020-2021.


    Auburn Early Education Center

    Lacey Basgier

    Glori Lammons, Dionne Whitt, Meredith George


    Auburn High School

    Cameron Bohannon

    Chris Brandt, Courtney Pritchett, Shannon Brandt

    Blake Busbin


    Auburn Junior High School

    Nathan Baker, Mark Jones, Lauren Howell

    Matthew McVay, Hillary Boyd, Martha Whalen

    Leslie Schnars, Katie Rainer, Morgan Jensen, Lindsey Key


    Cary Woods Elementary

    Rob Lyda

    Christine Cooper, Sandra Beisel


    Creekside Elementary

    Abby Kuhn

    Corey Cotter


    Dean Road Elementary

    Andrea Newman

    Shanika Reid


    Drake Middle School

    Beverly Helm

    Wendy Marine, Tommy Carter


    East Samford School

    Kathy Placek

    Emily Antoniak

    Karen Johnson


    Ogletree Elementary

    Quenton Mosley

    Audrey Barker


    Pick Elementary

    Aleesa Zutter

    Katie Maggard, Misty Thomas


    Richland Elementary

    Anne Busbin

    Rebecca Wall


    Wrights Mill Road Elementary

    Kim Chavis

    Leann White, Lindsay Collins, Alisha Fomby, Kaitlin Hoffman, Madison Howard

    Nicole Harrison


    Yarbrough Elementary

    Kristy Ramey, Tamara Teel, Sarah Sandersen, Heather Cowell

    Christi Freeman, Cassie Carpenter, Sonya Mocks



Auburn City Schools

FACES (Foundation for Auburn's Continuing Enrichment in Schools) is the Foundation organization partnering with Auburn City Schools to provide resources for innovative classroom opportunities for students.

  • FACES Grants Awarded!

    Congratulations to all the 2021-2022 Auburn City Schools Teachers of the Year!  They were honored by FACES at the April 12, 2022 ACS Board Meeting.

    Auburn City Schools Teachers of the Year

    Volandra Baker, Creekside Elementary

    Sidney Bugg, Wrights Mill Road Elementary School

    Kim Chenier, East Samford School

    Jamie Donaldson, Dean Road Elementary School

    Kristen Ferrell, Auburn Junior High School

    Andrea Folmar, Drake Middle School

    Lana Grooms, Auburn Early Education Center

    Keri Miranda, Cary Woods Elementary

    Adam Nichols, Pick Elementary School

    Tammy Orr, Ogletree Elementary School

    Kasey Shepherd, Richland Elementary School

    Reggie Smith, Yarbrough Elementary

    Julie Wentworth, Auburn High School