FACES TIME: What's Going On

  • FACES Grants Awarded

    Congratulations to the recipients of the 2017-2018 FACES grants.  Grants with the highest scores at each school are celebrated below:

    • Emily Antoniak, ESS,  Medical Mystery Pathology

    • Melanie Beatty and Haleigh Rusk, AEEC,  Fine Motor Fun

    • Blake Busbin, AHS, Land of Freedom: The Civil Rights Movement in Alabama

    • Jennifer Dempsey, Amber Goolsby, & Amanda Kaye Bain, WMR, “Pay It Forward” with a Gift of Reading

    • Beverly Helm, DMS, Remembering the Great War: Alabama and World War I

    • Ginger Key, DRES, Rhythm and Rhyme: You Say It, I Play It!

    • Katie Lindsey and Shannon Brandt, YES, Reading Around the World in 30 Days

    • Rob Lyda, CWES, What Do You Do With an Idea? Code and Compose Melodies

    • Anne Roge and Laura Crowe, AJHS, Attach Yourself to Something Larger II

    • Rebecca Wall, RES, Cave Kids

    • Betty Weeden, PES, Sir Cumference’s Math Festival

    • Bruce Zutter, OES, Now You’re Cooking: Green Engineering Solar Ovens



FACES (Foundation for Auburn's Continuing Enrichment in Schools) is the Foundation organization partnering with Auburn City Schools to provide resources for innovative classroom opportunities for students.