FACES TIME: What's Going On

  • FACES Celebration Reception

    Of the 132 grants submitted in the 2019-2020 grant cycle, 65 were awarded.  The FACES Celebration Reception honors the creativity and initiative of these teachers making a difference in the lives of students in Auburn.  The Carol Pittard and the Dianne Wilson Awards are presented to the top two scoring grants will funds to extend the impact of their grants.  The thirteen Teachers of the Year are also honored and recognized for their impact on their schools and our profession.

    Carol Pittard Award

    Keep Calm and Solar On!

    Laura Crowe, Mark Jones, Nathan Baker, Lauren Howell, Summer Jarosz

    Auburn Junior High


    Dianne Wilson Award

    Every Drop Counts

    Kristen Ferrell

    Auburn Junior High


    Auburn City Schools Teachers of the Year

    Anne Kimbell Neighbors, Cary Woods Elementary

    Ashley Hunter, Auburn Early Education Center

    Caleb Doster, Pick Elementary School

    Callie Counts, East Samford School

    Catie Nichols, Creekside Elementary

    Jennie Glagola, Yarbrough Elementary

    Jessica Bowlin, Auburn High School

    Kathryn Knorr, Ogletree Elementary School

    Laura Hardy, Drake Middle School

    Olivia Tofani, Auburn Junior High School

    Sarah Barker, Dean Road Elementary School

    Susan Franklin-McKenzie, Richland Elementary School

    Tami Nelson, Wrights Mill Road Elementary School


Auburn City Schools

FACES (Foundation for Auburn's Continuing Enrichment in Schools) is the Foundation organization partnering with Auburn City Schools to provide resources for innovative classroom opportunities for students.

  • FACES Grants Awarded!

    Congratulations to all the 2019-2020 FACES grant recipients!  The top grant writers in each school are shown below.  Who are these teachers?  Three art teachers, a Physical Education teacher, 2 Social Studies teachers, the 8th grade Science department, a 4th grade team, a Music teacher, an instructional coach, a counselor, a science teacher and a fourth grade classroom teacher.  This diverse group of teachers represents the diverstiy of impact FACES has on our schools.

    Art Room Library, Lacey Basgier (Auburn Early Education Center)

    Cultivating Creativity and Curiosity Through Crime Scene Reconstruction, Cameron Bohannon (Auburn High School)

    Keep Calm and Solar On!, Laura Crowe, Nathan Baker, Mark Jones, Lauren Howell, and Summer Jarosz (Auburn Junior High School)

    Turning Trash into Treasure:  Creating and Performing Through Recycling, Rob Lyda (Cary Woods Elementary)

    Ready? Set? Listen!, Abby Kuhn (Creekside Elementary School)

    We're Painting the Roses Red,  Andrea Newman (Dean Road Elementary)

    Military in Motion, Beverly Helm (Drake Middle School)

    Build Your Own Microcosm, Kathy Placek (East Samford School)

    All Kids Can Bike, Quenton Mosley (Ogletree Elementary)

    Writing with Color, Aleesa Zutter (Pick Elementary)

    Breakfast Book Club: Starting the Day in a Positive Way, Anne Busbin (Richland Elementary)

    Don't Lego This Learning Opportunity, Kim Chavis (Wrights Mill Road Elementary)

    Energy House Design Challenge, Kristy Ramey, Julie Price, Tamara Teel, Sarah Sandersen, Heather Cowell (Yarbrough Elementary)