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    Attendance Requirements

    Attendance Fast Facts


    Additional Attendance Information

    • When five (5) or more absences have occurred in the semester, the principal may ask the parent/guardian to provide a doctor or legal excuse to excuse further absences (per ACS website/handbook, page 26).

    • Vacations, out of town trips (not associated with school), etc., are considered unexcused absences.

    • Students may be referred with a petition to Truancy Court if they continue to have unexcused absences after Early Warning Court that equal or exceed seven (7) unexcused


    • Students between the ages of 15-18 may have their driver's license revoked if they withdraw from school or accumulate 10 consecutive unexcused absences or 15 total unexcused absences in a semester.

    • Excessive tardies to school can result in after school detention or other disciplinary action, as determined by the principal.

    • Parents are strongly encouraged to use the parent portal of the Auburn City Schools website to monitor their student's attendance 

    • The complete Auburn City Schools Attendance Requirements can be viewed in the ACS website/handbook, pages 25-28.

    Did you know:

    • Schools are open 180 days each academic year-that leaves 185 other dates for appointments, travel, and/or leisure time.

    • Chronic absence is missing missing 10% or more of the school year for any reason (excused and unexcused absences).