We welcome our new teachers to Auburn City Schools!   Before you can complete any of the steps on this page, you must complete the electronic paperwork sent to you.  All accounts will be setup for you AFTER you've completed the electronic paperwork.

    1.  NOW: Setup Professional Learning

    2.  NOW:  Turn in documentation of training or begin online training for Lee vs Macon and Disproportionality.  Documentation is required for ALL new teachers/administrators.  If you do not provide the documentation, you must complete it.  See the information on this page for access to the training.

    3:  AFTER AUGUST:  Update your information in the Education Directory using your auburnschools.org email address.  Instructions for completing the directory process are in this document: Instructions for AIM portal/Ed Directory 

    Professional Learning

    Professional Learning (PL) is an online documentation system for professional development. Most teachers need 50 clock hours for recertification every five years. PL is the easiest way to report those 50 hours when the time comes for recertification. After your email address is set up, an account in PL is created for you. You will be able to access the account from the main district webpage under the Staff dropdown menu. If you have trouble logging in at any time, contact Betty Weeden, or Drew Morgan.

    Transferring PD History

    If you are coming to Auburn City Schools from another public school system in Alabama, email Drew Morgan the name of the school system and the school in which you worked and the transfer of your training history will happen.



    New Teacher Handbook 2023/2024

    The New Teacher Handbook (2024/2025 version coming soon) can be accessed using the link above.   The handbook includes the schedule for Great Beginnings and contact information for faculty and staff in the district who will help you navigate your first year in Auburn City Schools!



    Disproportionality and Lee vs. Macon

    Public school systems in Alabama must verify all employees have been trained in both Disproportionality and Lee vs. Macon. As a new employee to Auburn City Schools, there are two ways we can do that.

    1. Provide Human Resources with documentation of those trainings. Typically, you would have been given a certificate indicating completion of training. The certificates need to specifically address Disproportionality, Instructional Strategies and Positive Behavioral Supports.
    2. Complete the training with Auburn City Schools. We provide the training through Schoology, our learning management system. You will need to complete the course in a timely manner. 

    If you have documentation of completion for parts of the training, but not others, you will only need to complete the missing parts of the training with us. 

    Elementary teachers should contact Betty Weeden for the access code to the course.  Secondary teachers should contact Drew Morgan for the access code to the course.





  • SWIM         SWIM (Support With Induction and Mentoring)

    The teacher induction for Auburn City Schools is called SWIM. SWIM has several components attached to it, all designed to support your successful integration as a teacher in our school system. Below is a list of how SWIM will support you over the next two years.

    Great Beginnings- Great Beginnings is our new teacher training held before school. The first morning of Great Beginnings you are invited to a breakfast with the Central Office staff, including our Superintendent, the school board, and all thirteen principals. This is their first chance to greet you. The afternoon of the first day, you will participate in introductions to culture, curriculum and technology at ACS. During the second and third days of Great Beginnings, you will work with our SWIM Coordinators—three of our best teachers in the school district, one elementary, one middle/junior high, and one high school—to pour culture and expectations into you.  The last half of the last day will be spent at your home school getting to know your principal better.

    Mentor Teacher-You will be assigned a mentor teacher with whom you will work one-on-one for on-going support throughout your first year. Use your mentor teacher to help navigate your first year as an Auburn teacher. Your mentor teacher wants to help you!

    Monthly SWIM Meetings-You may attend monthly SWIM meetings as either an elementary, middle/junior high, or high school teacher. Each SWIM coordinator designs the monthly meetings to include timely and relevant information you need for your first year. They also provide some non-evaluative additional support for you outside of your mentor teacher relationship. You will meet your particular SWIM Coordinator during Great Beginnings and continue to foster a positive professional relationship with him or her during the year through the monthly meetings.

    SWIM Coach-During your second year in Auburn City Schools, you will meet monthly with the year 2 cohort of teachers in your school building along with a SWIM Coach.   The SWIM Coach is a teacher in your building who will provide more support and encouragement for you during your second year. The focus is a little different during your second year, but we believe a watchful eye is important for your success!