Helpful Information

  • Click here for Lunch Prices.

    Click here for A la Carte Prices.


    Breakfast Program 

    The ACS breakfast program is a great way to assist families in helping to fuel learning, provide nutrition, and save time!  Click here for more information.


    Break for a Plate

    Families with summer food assistance needs may call the Hunger Hotline at 1-866-3-Hungry and will be referred to facilities to assist with food needs in our community.  For additional information, please visit the Break for a Plate website at


    Special Meal Requests

    A medical statement for students requiring special meals and/or accommodations should be completed and returned to the school site.

    Click here for access to the Medical Statement Form.


    Lunch Account Reimbursement Form

    Click here for access to the Lunch Account Reimbursement Form.


    Summer Meals Locator

    Click here for more information on how to find programs with summer meals.


    Nutrition Education

    Click here for the Top Books to Read handout.


    Child Nutrition Angel Account

     Click here to donate to the Child Nutrition Angel Account.


    Healthy Meals

    Click here for the Healthy Meals 2020 flyer.