CNP Staff



     Manager with Email Link


     Auburn Early Education Center Maren Umphress  334-887-4957
     Auburn High School Kwisha Ware  334-887-0055
     Auburn Jr. High School Karen Moore  334-887-4987
     East Samford School Cassandra Hand  334-887-1966
     Cary Woods Elementary Wendy Wiersma  334-887-4947
    Creekside Elementary Irene McIntosh 334-887-0070
     Dean Road Elementary Nakalia Hardnett  334-887-4907
     J.F. Drake Marsha Baugh  334-887-1952
     Ogletree Elementary Christy Sessions  334-887-4927
     Pick Elementary Ewa Puk  334-887-2117
     Richland Elementary Pam Moore  334-887-1987
    Woodland Pines Elementary Kristy Waters 334-887-4960
     Wrights Mill Road Aretha Ray  334-887-1997
     Yarbrough Elementary Vicki McLure  334-887-1977

     Central Office Staff with Email Link


     Ashley Powell, Director     334-887-2100
     Crystal Williams, Bookkeeper  334-887-2100