• Preface

                The Auburn City Board of Education is established under authority of state law for the purpose of exercising general supervision and administration of the public schools serving school age children who reside within the city limits of the City of Auburn, Alabama, and promoting the interests of the Auburn City Schools and the children they serve. Those responsibilities are met, in part, by the adoption and implementation of formal policies by which the principles that guide decision making are established.

    Policies are generally broad statements of principle and purpose, and are intended to serve as a framework for decision making and administrative action rather than as a manual for day-to-day decision making and action. Policies can nevertheless establish specific substantive standards and requirements, including standards of personal and professional conduct, the violation of which may result in disciplinary sanctions or other adverse consequences. However, policies do not restrict the ability of the Board or its employees to respond reasonably and flexibly to unexpected contingencies, emergencies, and other conditions that call for a response that is tailored to unique or special circumstances.

     Policies should be construed as a whole and with reference to related policies and applicable law. Although policies are adopted partly for the purpose of meeting the requirements of pertinent law, they do not establish or create a legal right, claim, entitlement, or interest to or in any title, position, assignment, duty, work location, level or rate of compensation, benefit, or term of employment.

    Responsibility for interpreting these provisions shall rest with the Superintendent. Any provision, feature, or aspect of Board policy that does not conform to governing law should be deemed void and superseded by such law. Editorial changes that do not affect the meaning, substance, or application of a policy may be made by the Board without advance public notice and comment. In general, the Board reserves the right to adopt, revise, interpret, amend, repeal, suspend, or apply policies according to its assessment of the needs and interests of the school system, subject only to such limitations on the exercise of such prerogatives as may be imposed by law.


                Except as otherwise expressly provided in individual policies or required by the context, the following terms have the meanings given below:

    a.         “Board” or “Board of Education” means and refers to the Auburn City Board of Education.

    b.         “State” means and refers to the State of Alabama.

    c.         “System” or “school system” means and refers to all schools, facilities, and operations of the Auburn City Board of Education.

    d.         “State Board of Education” means and refers to the Board that exercises general control and supervision over the public schools of the State of Alabama as constituted and authorized by Ala. Code § 16-3-1, et seq. (1975).

    e.         “Alabama (State) Department of Education” means and refers to the state agency that is charged with implementing the policies, procedures, and regulations of the State Board of Education as provided in Ala. Code § 16-2-1, et seq. (1975).

    f.          “LEA” means the Local Education Agency.

    g.         “He,” “his,” or “him” means and includes all genders.

    h.         “Law” includes local, state, and federal statutes, regulations, ordinances, court decisions, and binding administrative orders or directives.

    i.          “Certified” or “certificated,” when used to modify the words “teacher,” “personnel,” “employee,” “staff,” or similar terms, means and refers to Board employees who hold certificated or comparable forms of licensure issued by the State Superintendent of Education under authority of Ala. Code §16-23-1 (1975).

    j.          “Classified” or “support,” when used to modify the words “personnel,” “employee,” “staff,” or similar terms, means and refers to Board employees who do not hold certificates issued by the State Superintendent of Education under authority of Ala. Code §16-23-1 (1975) and who, in general, hold employment positions of the type identified in Ala. Code §36-26-100 (1975), of the Code of Alabama (1975).

    Citations to the United States Code, the Code of Alabama, and the Alabama Administrative Code are all intended to refer the reader to sources that either serve as legal authority for the policy provisions or that provide additional or more detailed information regarding the subject matter of the policy. The citations are not exhaustive and are subject to repeal, amendment, or invalidation by court rulings. Such changes may not be reflected in the policy.