Where's the Bus

Where's the Bus

  • Auburn City Schools is excited to provide the opportunity for bus riders' parents to know their assigned bus's location. Using the free app "Where's the Bus," parents can see live updates, tracking, and the estimated time of arrival for buses.


    You can create an account or view the updates from a web browser or computer by going to https://wheresthebus.com or downloading the Where’s the Bus app for your device (Click on the appropriate app store or scan the QR code to be directed to each app store).


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    To create a free account, you will need to know your child’s birth date and 

    your child’s Student ID number.  You may get your child's Student ID number for their school.


    Once you launch the app or website, please:

    • Click Create Account
    • Select Auburn City Schools from District list
    • Add Student
    • Fill in Birth Date and the Student ID from above
    • Click Save
    • Click Continue
    • Fill out the required information, check the box, and Click Signup


    NOTE:  Where’s the Bus recommends one account per family to share. If more accounts are necessary or you have any issues, please email their support at:  support@wheresthebus.com


    You are now ready to see the buses!!!



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