System Administration



    Name with Email Link

    Phone Number

     Superintendent    Dr. Cristen Herring  334-887-2100                
     Assistant Superintendent/
     Chief Financial Officer
     Dr. Dennis Veronese                      334-887-2100  
     Assistant Superintendent/
     Curriculum and Instruction  
     Wes Gordon  334-887-2100
     Director of Human Resources  Dr. Jason Lowe  334-887-2100
     Director of Finance    Liz Springer  334-887-2100
     Director of Instruction and Assessment  Dr. Ed Smith  334-887-2100
     Director of Students Services    Dr. Timothy Havard       334-887-2100
     Director of Technology    Gene Gilmore  334-887-2100
     Director of Child Nutrition  Dr. Ashley Powell  334-887-2100
     Director of Athletics  Dan Norton  334-887-2100
    Special Education Coordinator  Crystal Oglesbee  334-887-2100
    iNOW Coordinator/Textbook Coordinator  Charlene Thomas  334-887-2100
    Transportation Coordinator     Don Ingram   334-887-2100
    Attendance and Social Services Coordinator  Joy Stanley  334-887-2100
    Coordinator of Elementary Curriculum
    and Professional Development
    Betty Weeden  334-887-2100
    Coordinator of Secondary Curriculum
    and Professional Development
    Drew Morgan  334-887-2100
    Safety Coordinator Chris Hardman 334-887-2100
    Public Relations Coordinator     Daniel Chesser  334-887-2100
    Nurse Administrator  Brenda Lindahl  334-887-2100
    Career Technical Education Director  Dr. Silvia Scaife  334-887-2100