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    Click here for our school breakfast and lunch menus.

    Please make sure that you bring a mask with you to school every day and that you wear it properly over your mouth and nose. Make sure you are distancing yourself from others while waiting in line in PE and the cafeteria.  Staying safe requires an extra effort from all of us!

    Students – spring pictures will be taken this Thursday, April 8th in the morning!  If you are interested in a spring picture, you must pre-pay either online or using the order form that teachers distributed.  Your parents also received an emailed order form last week! 

    Remember Thursdays are team-spirit days and you get PBIS Rewards points for wearing your shirts!   If you are taking a spring picture, you can wear your picture clothes to school and change into your team shirt later if you desire! 

    If you haven’t explored the PBIS Rewards app yet you may want to go check out the rewards store and see if you have points to spend!  This is very similar to the Learning Earnings system and we hope that you can earn some reward opportunities before the year ends! 

    Did you know… French fries are originally from Belgium? 

    Principal Quote of the Day “When adversity strikes, that’s when you have to be the most calm. Take a step back, stay strong, stay grounded and press on.”– LL Cool J 

    Have a Fantastic Friday, see you next week! Same time, same place!