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    Transition to Middle School

    Parents, without your active role in your student's academic career, the student loses so much.  Your role is more valuable than you know.  For both the student and the staff at Drake Middle School, we need your involvement in your student's life.  We know that you want your student to be successful and trying to figure out your role can be difficult.  These three simple tips below can help your student.

    Help your child show up at school with a good attitude and ready to learn.
      -Keep tabs on school attendance.
      -Make sure your student gets plenty of rest each night.
      -Don't accept the "I'm never going to use this after school" excuse for not working hard in a class.
      -Speak positively of the benefits of an elementary school education.

    • Help them organize their time and materials.
      -Help your student keep an assignment calendar/agenda with dates for homework, tests, and projects.
      -Divide long-term assignments into smaller tasks and develop a timeline for what tasks should be done.
      -Make sure there is a quiet study area and a location for their school materials.

    • Take an interest.
      -Listen to your student talk about what is happening in class.
      -Encourage your student to become involved in a club or sport at school.
      -Show teachers that you are interested in your student's education.
      -Help your student understand how to take ownership of his academic career.

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    The impact attendance has on students can be documented all the way back to elementary school:  - Click HERE

    This is an excellent resource that show the VALUABLE role the parent has in school attendance:  - Click HERE

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    AI/Deepfakes and Teens - A Guide for Caregivers: - Click HERE

    Attention and learning issues oftentimes requires parents to locate resources to support them and their students (understood.org):  - Click HERE

    Bullying is an issue in schools across America:  - Bullying  Bullying App   Cyberbullying  Rude vs. Mean vs. Bullying

    Death of a loved one/family member/friend can be trying for a student; how to help a grieving teen:  - Click HERE

    Depression is a serious concern for many parents:  - Teen Depression  Teen Depression: A Guide for Parents

    Divorce can a very difficult time for students; how to help kids cope with separation and divorce:  -  Click HERE

    Drugs and other substance abuse can dramatically affect a student, as well we as his/her family:  - Factors of Teen Drug Use  Teen Marijuana Usage

    Eating disorders are significant in today's teen due to so many external (and even internal) factors (National Eating Disorders Association):  - Click HERE

    Growth and resilient mindsets are essential in today's society:  - Click HERE

    Health and well-being are significant in your teen's life.  Check out this website for resources that can help shed light on your ever-changing teenager:  - Click HERE

    Internet usage and safety on the internet are topics that do not need to be taken lightly:  - Safekids.com

    Mental health is defined as a state of well-being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to her or his community.  This website offers assistance on various topics when that health and well-being may be strained:  - Mental Health BasicsVarious Mental Health Areas with SupportsOverviews, and Focus on Child/Adolescent Mental Health (an article from OA News)

    Motivation:  - Famous Failures  Surround Yourself with Greatness

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    Suicide is a serious concern for anyone.  Take it as such:  - Suicide  Suicide Signs, Facts, Factors, and Resources  Suicide Risk & Protective Factors  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Contact

    Teen violence comes in different shapes and forms.  See the following links to better understand teen violence:  - Stop Violence  Violence Prevention


    Career Planning

    Use the following .pdf file to help better understand how you can help your student plan for his/her future:  - Click HERE

    Seven steps you should take starting now to help prepare for college:  - Click HERE