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  • AHS's Reopening Plan 2020/2021

    In order to help inform your decision to attend traditional or remote learning, we have put together this list of frequently asked questions and answers. Our procedures are based on the Alabama State Department of Education’s (ALSDE) Roadmap to reopening and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) guidelines. These procedures may change based on further guidance from Auburn City Schools (ACS), ALSDE or the CDC.

    Please click here to view the document.

    Reopening Update

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  • ACCESS Classes for Online Learning Option

    Please see the attached documents for the course options and textbook/material requirements for those families seeking to pursue the online learning option for the upcoming school year.  Should you have questions, please contact your AHS Counselor or our AHS Administration.  

    Click here for the course options.

    Click here for the textbook/material requirements.

    ACCESS Virtual Learning

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  • AHS Sunset Sendoff!!

    We are celebrating our AHS Class of 2020 with a Sunset Sendoff on Thursday, July 23!!
    Our AHS Class of 2020 Seniors are cordially invited to attend a Sunset Sendoff at Auburn High School on July 23, 2020. The sendoff will begin at 7:00 p.m. with a celebratory Tiger Drive by our Seniors who will enter campus along Samford Avenue. The sendoff will conclude with a special AHS fireworks show!!
    Seniors and families can tune in to WLEE 96.3 from 7:30 until 8:30 p.m. for a special hour dedicated to our AHS Class of 2020! It is sure to be a night to remember!
    Graduation Tiger Drive (7:00 until 8:00 p.m.):
    *Get ready to be celebrated! Your current and former teachers and other ACS faculty/staff will line the streets as you enter our campus! Decorate your car with your name, “2020”, your team or club! Go all out!
    *Park your car in our AHS Blue and Silver lots. Families may enjoy our fireworks display as well from surrounding areas. The fireworks, featuring at lot of AHS blue!, will begin at approximately 8:30 p.m. and end at approximately 8:45 p.m.
    WLEE 96.3 Sunset Sendoff Radio Special (7:30 until 8:30 p.m.)
    *Sunset is at 7:46 p.m! Enjoy the music and listen out for a few surprises during the show!
    We look forward to seeing you all on July 23rd! Congratulations to the AHS Class of 2020!!
    Shannon Pignato, PhD
    AHS Principal
    AHS Sunset Sendoff for Seniors
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  • AHS 2020/2021 Schedule Changes

    Attention Students! Schedule Change Information!

    Due to the deadline extension of the ACS Learning Intent form for the 2020/2021 academic year, our AHS Counseling department has adjusted its schedule change window to Monday, July 13, through Friday, July 24. We are reopening the schedule change request form (click here for the link) from Sunday, July 12, through Sunday, July 19, to allow any student who was not able to submit a form during the first schedule change request window to do so. If you have already submitted a request, but have additional changes based on updated decisions regarding the ACS Learning Intent form, you will have an opportunity to discuss those changes when you are contacted by your assigned AHS Counselor. Please remember that this form must be completed through your student's ACS Microsoft Office 365 account using the student's email address (studentusername@acsk12.org) and ACS network password.
    Thanks and Roar Tigers!

    Schedule Change/Update

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  • AHS ACCESS/Summer School Introduction Video

    Please see video below for the ACCESS/Summer Information WebEx presented AHS's Mr. Bill Bailey, ACCESS/Summer School coordinator:

    Click here to watch!

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  • AHS iPad/School Materials/Yearbook Drop Off and Pick Up

    Should you have school iPads or course materials you need to return to AHS, please visit our front office.  You may also pick up pre-purchased AHS yearbooks by visiting the front office.  
    Please know that fees will be assessed in the Grade Portal (INOW/Chalkable) until all items are received.  Items must be received in good condition. If items are returned in unsatisfactory condition, you will be directed to complete payment for the appropriate parts or damage using the My School Bucks link on AHS’s web page (Parent drop down menu).  Please know that Senior diplomas and final transcripts will be held until items are received and/or fees paid.  Also, final schedules will not be issued (and may be dropped) to underclassmen until all items are received and/or fees paid.  

    Please remove any passcode you have set on your iPad prior to returning it to AHS.


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  • AHS Parking!

    Parking spaces the 2020/2021 school year at AHS will be on sale beginning Monday, July 6, at approximately 8:00 a.m. to all interested AHS Seniors and on Wednesday, July 8, for Juniors (approximately 8:00 a.m.). You may register and pay for parking online using the My School Bucks link located on AHS's website (Parent drop down menu). Completing the registration does not guarantee the student a parking space; the student must meet the requirements with regard to discipline and the student must be enrolled in the Project ID drug testing program.  Also, students must have all residency and re-enrollment items for the next academic year complete and the ACS Technology (iPad) fee must be paid for the upcoming year. 

    To enroll in the Project ID drug testing program, please visit the Services drop down menu on ACS’s web page and select Substance Abuse Prevention Program to discover and print the appropriate form.  Completed forms can be emailed to Ms. Anna Veronese, AHS Assistant Registrar (click here to email Ms. Veronese).  Hard copies are available on campus.  Parent and student must sign.   

    The AHS iPad/Technology fee/form can be accessed online using the My School Bucks link on AHS’s web page, Parent drop down menu.

    After registration and payment of the parking fee, the student will be notified whether or not he/she has met the requirements for parking. If the requirements are met, a parking spot hang tag will be assigned.

    Lastly, if the requirements are not met or if the supply of parking spots runs out, a refund will be processed through MySchoolBucks.

    Should you have questions, please email AHS Assistant Principal, Mr. Jamie Rice (click here to email Mr. Rice).

    Information regarding ACS's plan for the reopening of schools will be announced at a later date as we are awaiting direction and information from ALSDE.


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  • ACT at AHS

    Attention AHS Family! If your student is signed up to take the ACT at Auburn High School for the July National Testing date, please know that AHS will not be open as a testing center. This applies to both standard and accommodated testing. The ACT website does not accurately reflect this information, as we have been told it would by now. If you call ACT and are told that AHS is a testing site, this is not correct. Please let the ACT operator know this.
    ACT has instructed other parents to contact the possible different testing sites in the area to make sure they are actually offering a test this summer. If your tester needs accommodations, you should ask if the testing site is able to offer your accommodations. It is also important to contact ACT to let them know of your location change. You can also tell ACT you would like to defer your test to a different date, and ACT will let you know the procedure for how to do this.
    We regret that ACT has not updated their information and the confusion and frustration this has caused families. We hope from this point on the process is improved and your experience is better. Even though we will not be participating in summer testing, we will help you in any way we are able. Good luck to your student on the ACT.
    Please remember that AHS is tentatively scheduled to administer the ACT plus Writing test on Tuesday, September 22, 2020. 


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  • AHS iPad Return Information

    Prior to the end of the school year, students will return school-issued iPads to Auburn High School.  Seniors will return their iPads, along with the Apple 12W charging bricks (power adapter) and Apple USB cords.  Underclassmen will not return the charging bricks and cables unless they are withdrawing and transferring to another school.

    Items must be received in good condition. If items are returned in unsatisfactory condition, you will be directed to complete payment for the appropriate parts or damage using the My School Bucks link on AHS’s web page (Parent drop down menu).

    Please remove any passcode you have set on your iPad prior to returning it to AHS.

    Please see below for specific images and costs associated with any damages or missing items.  The same information can be found on the AHS web page, Our School drop down menu, iPad 1:1 PACE Initiative Program (page 12).

    iPad Returns

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  • ACS iPad 1:1 PACE Initiative!!

    For 2019/2020, Auburn City Schools is excited to continue the iPad 1:1 PACE (Providing Authentic Creative Engagement) Initiative!  With this initiative, each student (grades 8 through 12) will again be issued an iPad, a technology resource that will enhance academic opportunities across the school’s curriculum.  Please refer to the handbook located on AHS’s web page (Our School drop down menu) for more information.  Parents and students can also visit the My School Bucks (Parent drop down menu) link on AHS’s web page in order to pay the $50 ACS Technology Fee for use of the iPad and also to electronically sign the Technology Agreement form.  AHS continues to be so excited about this program!!

    ACS iPad 1:1 PACE Initiative!!

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  • AHS iPad/Technology Fee Information

    Remember! All of AHS students will be issued an iPad and case combination for their use during the school year! We are so excited about continuing this opportunity for our students! Textbooks, class-specific apps, and learning tools will be loaded onto these devices. As such, the iPad is a required learning tool each day for our students. Students’ personal devices will not have the same capabilities, including access to AHS’s wireless. Please refer to the iPad handbook located on the AHS website (Our School drop down menu) for more information. Before the device can be issued to the student, parents must visit the My School Bucks link (on the Parent drop down menu on AHS’s web page) in order to pay the required $50 ACS Technology Fee and also to electronically sign the required Technology Agreement form.  Please note that before parking passes can be issued, the AHS iPad/Technology Fee must be paid.  In addition, this fee must be paid before students will be allowed to purchase Homecoming Dance or Junior/Senior Prom tickets.


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  • The Sheet

    Students, faculty, and families, 
    Auburn High School’s literature and art publication The Sheet has published its first full-length literary and art magazine, filled with art, photography, poetry, and short stories all created by Auburn High School students. Please read and enjoy! Check it out! We are so thankful for the awesome work submitted!
    The Sheet
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  • Work-Based Learning

    For students requesting Work-Based Learning/Education for the 2020/2021 school year:

    The online Application for Enrollment in this course should be complete by Monday, March 30, to be eligible to interview.

    Click here for a link to application.

    Log into Office 365 to complete the online APPLICATION. There is only one document (Training Agreement) that must be submitted as a paper (hard) copy. The Training Agreement must be signed by student and parent BEFORE interviewing. If you are currently employed, have your employer to sign this form also.

    Come by AHS 1112 to sign up for an interview and to discuss your placement needs for Work-Based Learning. This will be an informal interview that will serve the following purposes:

    *Verify receipt of online application and training agreement
    *Discuss WBL employment options and your career goals.
    *Answer questions about WBL Requirements/Procedures

    Please also email to Ms. Audrey Marshall, Work-Based Learning Coordinator, a copy of your most recent resume.  Click here to email Ms. Marshall.

    Work Based Learning

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