• Summer Assignments 

    Click on the course name to discover the assignments and information.  If a course is not listed, please assume that there is no summer assignment.

    Advanced English 10 

    AP Biology (no summer work) 

    AP Calculus AB (no summer work) 

    AP Calculus BC (no summer work) 

    AP Chemistry (no summer work)

    AP Computer Science A 

    AP Computer Science Principles 

    AP English 11 (no summer work) 

    AP English 12 (no summer work) 

    AP European History 

    AP Environmental Science (no summer work) 

    AP Government (no summer work) 

    AP Physics

    AP Psychology (no summer work) 

    AP Statistics (no summer work) 

    AP U.S. History 

    DE Precalculus (Southern Union State Community College's “Precalculus Algebra and Trigonometry”)

    Earth Science (no summer work)

    English 12 (no summer work) 

    French 3, 4, 5/AP/IB 

    Geometry (no summer work)

    German (All levels:  no summer work) 

    IB Analysis and Approaches SL (no summer work) 

    IB Biology

    IB Business Management (no summer work, but Ms. Fargason requests that students occasionally watch or read some business news and possibly select a business or two to follow for the summer) 

    IB Chemistry (From Ms. Welch:  Please review Nomenclature and Polyatomic Ions from Chemistry.) 

    IB English 11 (no summer work) 

    IB English 12 (Thompson/Tindell form and complete draft of 3,000 word EE draft due the first day of school) 

    IB History 11

    IB History 12

    IB Math HL 

    IB Math Applications and Interpretations SL (no summer work) 

    IB Math SL (no summer work) 

    IB Psychology (no summer work)

    IB World Religions (no summer work) 

    Introduction to Biotechnology (no summer work) 

    PLTW/Engineering (no summer work) 

    Spanish 5 AP and IB 

    Theory of Knowledge (no summer work)