• How Parents Can Encourage Children to Read Independently

    One of the best things parents can do for their children during this time is to encourage reading.  Books at or slightly above current reading level are best, as books that are too difficult may discourage the love of reading.  The Five Finger Rule is a helpful tool for determining whether a book is too difficult.  If a child can read an entire page without struggling with 5 words, the book should not be above their reading level.  

    Remember, one of the best ways to encourage independant reading is for someone to read aloud the first few chapters until the child is engaged in the book.  Picture books are valuable too as they often model more complex sentence structures along with new vocabulary words.  Finally, don't forget there is great value in having books read aloud in addition to independent reading.  They are hearing new vocabulary words, making complex story connections,  and some children have better comprehension through a read aloud.