• Four Ways to Nurture Kindness:

    Kindness is contagious, needs just a small spark to ignite, and spreads quickly. Practicing simple, regular kind acts nurtures empathy, alters behavior, changes a culture, and transforms lives. Kindness is that powerful. Here are three key takeaways:

    First kindness is strengthened by seeing, hearing, and practicing kindness. The more our children see kindness the more it becomes contagious and something they want to be part of.

    Second, kind acts don’t have to cost a dime, take much time, or require any particular talent. In fact, the easier the east, the more willing kids are to practice kindness.

    Finally, kids must have ample opportunities and encouragement to practice kindness. When kids continue doing simple, regular kind acts, other kids will want to do the same. 



    100 Fun Ways to Help Kids Practice Kindness: http://micheleborba.com/100-fun-ways-to-help-kids-practice-kindness/


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