The letters M U S I C
  • DSO Kids (Dallas Symphony Orchestra)

    Click here to enter a virtual music room that is filled with information about musical instruments, composers, and music periods as well as the Dallas Symphony. Look for games, activities, and a library of music clips highlighting composers, instruments, musical notes, and national anthems from selected countries.


    SFS Kids (San Francisco Symphony)

    Click here to enter this music-focused site from the San Francisco Symphony that encourages kids to learn about and discover classical music, instruments, and composers.


    Chrome Music Lab

    Click here to enter this website that makes learning about music more accessible through fun, hands-on experiments. 


    Classics for Kids

    Click here to learn about some of the world's greatest classical composers and listen to amazing music! This site also includes information about the history of music, games, and materials for caregivers and educators, and lots of multimedia content.