• Auburn City Schools Athletics and the AHSAA use DragonFly Max (https://www.dragonflymax.com/)for online management of athletic eligibility forms. Once every athlete’s files are stored digitally, they will be available for review by parents and school personnel online and via the DragonFly Max mobile app. DragonFly is endorsed by the Alabama High School Athletic Association and has been vetted from a legal and security / privacy standpoint.

    In order to get started, each parent and athlete should follow the directions in the instructional flyer (Click here for instructions). 

     Please note the school code on the flyer:  Auburn High School: MMP3FG  Auburn Junior High School: JWW5AN  East Samford School: KHWSJK

    Once student-athlete accounts are set up, male athletes should sign up for the Men’s Tryout Pool and females for the Women's Tryout Pool. Athletic Office Admin will assign player’s accounts to sports teams once they are officially on a roster.

    The following forms from the AHSAA and Auburn City Schools can be signed electronically on the app or website. Once the forms are completed and signed, that is it. No papers need to be turned in.

    AHSAA Concussion Information Form 2020-21 

    AHSAA Student Participation Agreement, Consent, Release and Venue Form 2020-21

    ACS Health Insurance and Medical Release Form 2020-21 

    Auburn City Schools Competitive Extracurricular Substance Abuse Program Consent/Release Form is required to be signed each school year for all student-athletes listed on a team roster. 

    Certain forms such as birth certificates, physicals, copies of insurance cards, and sportsmanship forms will need to be uploaded to the system by taking a good picture or scanning the document(s) and uploading to the correct space.

    AHSAA Physical Evaluation Form (Please print both pages): The AHSAA requires the physical to be on this form (their most updated and recent form that is marked as "Revised 2018"). First page completed and signed by the student and parent/guardian. Second page must be completed, dated and signed by an MD/DO. Physicals are good for one calendar year. The date on the physical should be the date entered by the parent, and the physical must be signed by student, parent, and a physician (not a nurse). Physicals that are on file and CURRENT/NOT EXPIRED in the Athletic Office will be added by Athletic Administration once your child's account is created.



    The AHSAA is committed to putting the health, safety, and overall well being of our administrators, coaches, and student-athletes at the forefront during this unprecedented health crisis and doing what we can to hopefully return to a normal school year in 2020-21. As a result, because schools are currently closed and many schools conduct mass physicals on campus during the months of April and May, the AHSAA Medical Advisory Committee unanimously approved to accept all athletic Pre-Participation Physicals through the first fall practice date August 3. Therefore, all physicals that are set to expire during the mandated school closures or summer months can now be accepted through August 3, 2020. 


    Certificates that are currently on file in the Athletic Office will be added to the athlete's account once the accounts has been established by the parent. 

    Birth certificates should be a legible copy of the original certified birth certificate.

    Sportsmanship forms can either be the STAR Sportsmanship form (prior to 2017) or beginning in 2017-18,  the NFHS Sportsmanship form. All first-time student-athletes (those who have not taken the STAR Course) will be required to complete the NFHS Sportsmanship Program as an eligibility requirement.  Any student who currently holds a certification of completion for the STAR Sportsmanship program is “grandfathered” and will NOT be required to complete the new program. 

    The NFHS Sportsmanship component can be found at www.NFHSlearn.com. Students will need to register if they are first time users to the NFHS Learn website.  

    Instructions for NFHS Sportsmanship Course  

    • Students will visit www.NFHSlearn.com and register an account if they have not done so before. (Keep record of username and password.  The AHSAA does not have access to these.)
    • Under courses, type in sportsmanship and The “Sportsmanship” Elective Course should appear.
    • Click on the course.  Then the “View” button.
    • Next, a blue tab should appear that says “Order Course.” (The course is free.)
    • A box will appear for the student/coach to identify who will be completing the course.
    • Next, a shopping cart appears.  Select the state of Alabama, and checkout.
    • Order status appears and an agreement statement.  After checking the agreement statement choose continue. Last, at the Order Receipt box, “click here”
    • Next, begin taking the course.
    • A student can come back and finish at any time.  When finished, a student can print the certificate from that screen or save and print later.

    Forms that are uploaded incorrectly will be rejected by school staff with a note regarding the error so that parents can correct the mistake. Students that are missing forms will be easily identified by school staff for correction. All requirements must be completed for an athlete to be ruled eligible for competition.

    Parents and students that need assistance should contact Assistant Athletic Director Jennifer Ferguson.