• Welcome to Richland Elementary School

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      Welcome to Richland Elementary School! We house learners from kindergarten to first grade. We have approximately 550 students.


      Principal:                        Jeffery Johnson 

      Assistant Principal:        Heather Klein   

      Counselor:                      Anne Busbin 


      Richland Elementary School

      770 South Yarbrough Farms Boulevard

      Auburn, AL  36832

      Fax: 334-502-2963

      Phone: 334-887-1980





  • Objectives

    100% of students will master grade level content and curriculum expectations

    100% of students will develop character traits that allow them to function successfully in a diverse society

    100% of students will possess healthy living attributes 

    100% of students will participate in enriching learning experiences

  • Tactics

    We will ensure the safety and care of all students.

    We will provide unique learning experiences beyond the required curriculum within the classroom and beyond the school day.

    We will provide access to advanced and emerging technologies.

    We will provide teachers with the needed resources to instruct all levels of students in an effort to develop them physically, socially, and emotionally.

    We will provide basic resources to families to meet physical, mental, and emotional needs.

  • Mission

    The mission of Richland Elementary School, the epitome of educational excellence, is to guarantee each student reaches his or her full potential by:

    - Embracing and celebrating the social, emotional, and academic     needs of the whole child 

    - Encouraging, supporting, and facilitating parental and community participation

    - Providing instruction based on diverse learning styles and abilities

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