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     Bus Rules
            (taken from the Pupil Progression Plan & Statement of Responsibilities handbook)

          ACS transports students who live 2 miles or more away from the school site.
Students must adhere to the following rules when riding the bus:

A.    Obey and cooperate with the bus driver (The driver may assign seats for

B.    Be seated immediately after boarding and remain seated; 

C.    Do not talk to the driver except in emergencies; 

D.    Do not scuffle with or harass other students; 

E.    Do not fight, quarrel, yell, or use profanity; 

F.     Keep feet, arms, and belongings out of the aisle and keep feet off the bus

G.    Keep hands, head and objects inside the bus; 

H.    Do not eat, drink, or chew gum on the bus; 

I.      Do not smoke or strike matches/cigarette lighters on the bus; 

J.       Do not bring fireworks, weapons, or anything that may endanger the lives
    of others on the bus;  

K.     Do not commit careless or willful acts which may cause injury to

L.     Keep bus clean by picking up any trash that is dropped;       

M.    Do not commit careless or willful acts which may cause damage to the
 bus (may result in a monetary charge);

N.    Ride to and from school on the bus assigned unless approved by the

                  Bus Violations [Office referrals for violation of bus rules will
result in (as a minimum)]:  

                1st Offense:          Suspended from riding the bus for one week;           

              2nd Offense:         Suspended from riding the bus for one month; 

                   3rd Offense:           Suspended from riding the bus for the remainder of
the school year.

Should parents and/or school personnel have any concerns or problems, please contact the Transportation Supervisor, Don Ingram,  at 887--4915.

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