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Mission Statement

The mission of Auburn City Schools, the pinnacle of educational excellence, is to ensure each student embraces and achieves his or her unique intellectual gifts and personal aspirations while advancing the community, through a system distinguished by:

Compassion for others
Symbiotic relationships with an engaged community
The creation and sharing of knowledge
Inspired learners with a global perspective
The courage to determine our future

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, defined as a method by which a community continuously creates artifactual systems to serve extraordinary purposes, has been approached as both a discipline and a process. With an intent to generate innovation and creativity and with a respect to the established traditions and reputation for excellence, it is the purpose of this plan to serve the students and community with a commitment to unprecedented possibilities and continuous discovery.

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[Board  approved March 2013]

ACS Facilities Plan Presentation 2024

ACS Facilities Plan 2024

Wes Gordon becomes new Director of Curriculum and Professional Development for ACS


There are many new faces within Auburn City Schools as the school year gets underway, but there is one that most everyone in the system will become familiar with.
Wes Gordon joins ACS as the new Director of Curriculum and Professional Development for all grades K-12.
Gordon, 43, hails from the historically rich city of Selma, Ala., as a Selma High School graduate who earned his degree in mathematics at the University of Alabama.
“I saw what my fellow math majors were doing as careers and they were all getting (boring) office jobs,” Gordon said. “So I looked into the education route and it was the best decision I have made; I believe working with kids is the best job anyone could ever have because it is simply planting yourself in a kid’s life and that is a seed that never stops giving back as it grows.”

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Johnson Moves into Role of Principal at Richland Elementary

RES_JohnsonJeffery Johnson has been chosen to be the Principal at Richland Elementary School.

“I’ve been at Richland since we opened in 2008 and we have an outstanding staff, superb parents, and fantastic students,” Johnson said. “I am proud to be a Richland Champion!”

Before his position as principal he was the assistant principal at Richland for six years and at J.F. Drake Middle School for four years, where he was once called on as a reference for former Drake Principal Debbie Beebe to be on the CBS hit show “Survivor.”

“She gave me my first opportunity to work in administration and Auburn City Schools,” Johnson said. “Debbie was a great influence on my life because she was so bubbly and a full spirit, everybody loved her and she was a great example for me as an administrator and the biggest thing I learned from her was how to deal with people because she was such a people person.”

Johnson credits a lot of his administrative mindset to working with his former principals at Richland, Debbie Smith (opened Richland with Johnson) and more recently Jason Lowe, but growing up one of his two older sisters, Dr. Yvette Evans, was someone he admired that encouraged him to pursue education administration as his career.

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