Information for Remote Learners

Information for Remote Learners

A message from Mr. Reed to remote learners: I have had several conversations with parents and students who are completing classes.  In those conversations, parents have shared the importance of having a daily schedule/routine for their students.  Click here for a sample schedule that was created to help keep students on track, and in some cases finish early with quality grades.  Click here to view the schedule.  This is only a suggestion/sample and may need to be tweaked in order to fit the needs of your student.

CNP is providing meals for remote learners; click here for more information.

Remote learners can contact your counselor or AJHS facilitator teacher with questions about remote work. Questions specific to EdGenuity should be directed to your EdGenuity instructor or their tech help.  Click here for the EdGenuity Student Manual.

If you are a parent or guardian of a remote learner, you can click here for directions to create your own guardian account.  This will allow you to view your student's progress.

Parents can access information about ACS programs and platforms by clicking here.

Students, please use your ACS email and password to sign into OneDrive and your ACS username and password to sign into Schoology.

If you are having any issues with your iPad, you will need to complete an IT Helpdesk ticket. There is a link in the "For Students" menu. 

Once our technicians receive the request for assistance, we will be in contact with you about next steps. You can fill out the form from any device.