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For the Auburn High girls cross-country program, this is the most decorated Tiger team in school history. Prior to 2017, the Auburn team had never won a state championship. Now in 2019, they have won three straight.

Samantha Rogers, Harper McGowan, Hallie Stewart, Sarah Parnell and Gracie Booher came to Auburn High four years ago with aspirations of building a special team, but it would have been impossible to have predicted this kind of success.

Auburn: Girls (7A State Champions) — 2. Samantha Rogers 18:11.31; 4. Harper McGowan 18:27.97; 7. Sangie Lincoln-Velez 18:47.85; 12. Hallie Stewart 19:00.31; 16. Sarah Parnell 19:16.12; 17. Elizabeth Nist 19:19.22; 29. Gracie Booher 19:53.94; 37. Olivia Tole 20:11.95; 63. Lessye Gray 20:56.59; 100. Mary Elizabeth Hadley 21:54.18.

AHS Girls Cross-Country 2019