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The information in the report card covers both the 2018-19 and 2017-18 school years. ACS scored a 94 this year, a 92 last year and an 89 the year before.

“Auburn City Schools is proud to have straight A’s across the board at all 13 schools,” said Daniel Chesser, ACS Spokesperson. “This is a testament to the quality of education provided in our community; when all the schools are performing at a such high level it increases the opportunity for our students, teachers, and administrators to succeed."

The State Department’s report card website packed with new features, unveiled in August, to allow the public to see a lot of information about a school in a user-friendly way, including data about teacher experience, certification, and the percentage of students who reached proficiency on state tests. Alabama Superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey touted the new features in a press release (attached) accompanying the public release of the 2018-19 report card.

“The new report card allows you to compare up to four schools and/or school systems side-by-side, with applicable data available from 2014-2015, to the most current information available, 2017-2018,” Mackey said. “Previously, there were two separate documents that contained all the information the ALSDE is required to report for both state and federal mandates. Now, all the information for both are integrated into this one platform.”

Those proficiency levels form the basis of two of the six factors on the report card. Grades are awarded based on student outcomes—test scores, graduation rates, measures of college and career readiness, and the percentage of students who miss more than 15 days of school in a school year.

In eight of Alabama’s 137 school districts, every school earned an 'A': Arab City – 4 schools, Auburn City – 13 schools, Cullman City – 5 schools, Homewood City – 5 schools, Madison City – 11 schools, Mountain Brook City – 6 schools, Trussville City – 5 schools, Vestavia Hills City – 8 schools

The breakdown of ACS scores: Dean Road Elementary - 98 Wrights Mill Road Elementary - 98 Ogletree Elementary - 97 Auburn Early Education Center - 96 Yarbrough Elementary - 96 Richland Elementary - 95 Creekside Elementary - 95 Auburn Junior High School - 94 Cary Woods Elementary - 94 Pick Elementary - 94 Auburn High School - 93 East Samford School - 93 J.F. Drake Middle School - 91

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