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Review Policies Related to Check-Outs, Dress Code, and Electronic Devices

Student Check-Out Policy

Due to the traffic limitations in our front driveway and afternoon bus pickup, checkouts will not be permitted after 3:00 PM each day.  Please make plans to check your child out prior to 3:00 PM if you have afternoon appointments, etc.


Handbook Reminders

Cell Phones (pg. 38 in ACS Parent Student Handbook): If the device is visible, heard, or in use we will confiscate the device in line with the procedures detailed in the handbook.

Dress Code (pg. 22-23 in ACS Parent Student Handbook): As a reminder, Drake Middle School follows the secondary dress code policy.  Please revisit clothing choices with your student to ensure they are in line with the procedures in the handbook. Particularly the “4-inch” rule with regard to shorts and the details regarding leggings. There are some newer styles in shorts for both boys and girls that do not meet the “4 inch” requirement.