• Preschool Special Education Services For Children With Disabilities Ages Three Through Five

    Preschool special education is a part of the total special education program offered through Auburn City Schools.  Preschool special education and related services are offered for children with disabilities and special needs ages three through five through the H.A.P.I.E./Little Tree collaborative  Program (Helping Auburn Preschoolers – Intervening Early).  Eligibility for special education is decided by determining if a child has a disability according to what is listed in the Alabama Administrative Code.  For a child who is determined eligible, special education and related services are provided at no cost to the family if the child receives these services as part of their specially designed instruction.  Once a child is eligible, preschoolers may begin receiving special education services on their third birthday.

    Because of the unique stage of development of a preschool child, special education services may be delivered in a variety of settings through various models.  Services and the location of the services are determined based on the needs of each child.  The goal is to work together with families and community providers in providing preschool special education services.

    The preschool program strives to provide all children with a developmentally appropriate experience.  Because children learn from other children, peer models are included in the preschool special education program.  These children do not have an Individualized Education Plan.  They provide age appropriate play skills, language skills, and behaviors for students in the program.  Because it is essential for peer models to display appropriate and acceptable behaviors, screenings will occur to select children who best fit the program.  A fee is assessed for participation in the program as a peer model.