Online Registration Overview


    Auburn City Schools has gone paperless for processing Student Enrollment/Registration
    • All required documents must be reviewed and approved before your child's registration is considered complete. 

    Returning/Current Student

    If beginning the Student Online Registration process from the web link for Returning/Current students, the snapcode at the end of the link in the email to parents must be entered.  If accessing the Student Online Registration through the email, the snapcode is embedded.)  If you did not receive an email concerning the Returning Student Registration process, please contact your child's school.

    Please use the the links to your left to access the Registration Portal that applies to your student. 
    **Registration for the Academic Year 2017-2018 will be open March 20, 2017 - April 24, 2017. ** 


    ACS utilizes an online registration process for all students wishing to enroll or continue enrollment with ACS.  See the ACS website  for details. You can find more information on enrollment located on the ACS website under the ACS Parent and Student Handbook.

    Residency Requirements

    All Auburn City School students must domicile within Auburn city limits and live with the parent(s) with sole legal physical custody, parent with joint legal and physical custody which meets ACS custodial exchange requirements or the court appointed legal guardian. Each year, it is the responsibility of the parent, guardian, or custodial parent, to provide current proofs of residency for their student(s). Submitted documents must be in the name of the parent, guardian, or custodial parent; with the primary residence listed for the address. Failure to provide the required documents will result in a student not being enrolled into a homeroom and/or student schedule being withheld. Additional documentation may be required if residency is in question. 

    Current residency documentation is required for each child at each school your children attend; the parent /legal custodian/guardian must provide for each student at each school one (1) of the following combinations of residency proofs:

    1. Current year Lee County property tax statement receipt AND current months utility billing OR
    2. Mortgage billing statement (itemized, detailed and identifiable), or filed Warranty Deed AND current months utility billing OR
    3. Mobile home rental or ownership document with lot lease* AND current months utility billing or utility statement of service for owner and property OR
    4. Current lease/rental agreement* AND current months utility billing or utility statement of service for owner and property.

    *Lease must be signed, unaltered with begin/end dates. If lease expires during the school year, a renewed active lease must be provided to each childs school at the time of expiration and renewal.  

    Leases on or extended to a month-to- month basis require a Residency Affidavit to be filed for each child.

    If the parent/legal guardian is unable to provide the required proofs of residency listed above because of the following conditions:

    • lease is expired and/or renting is on a month to month basis
    • currently living, whether temporarily or permanently, in another persons residence
    • current living arrangement does not allow for the submission of the required proofs and they wish to enroll a student(s), or continue the enrollment of their ACS student(s); a Residency Affidavit must be completed at the ACS Board of Education office.

    Proof for Residency Affidavit
    The parent/legal guardian must provide:

    1. The homeowners current document proofs held in their name as outlined above for residency.
    2. Parent/legal guardian must submit two (2) current proofs of residency in their name with current address, which may include bills, drivers license, car tag receipt, or other approved documents as determined by student services.

    You can find more information on residency and custody located on the ACS website under the ACS Parent and Student Handbook