Lost or Damaged Books

  • The patron is responsible for the actual cost of the book that was lost or damaged. In the case of a damaged book, please return it to the library with an explanation of what happened. The librarian will determine if the book can be repaired or if it will need to replaced. Payment may be made on My SChool Bucks online, with either cash (correct change only, please), or a check (made out to RES) to cover the replacement cost. If an exact copy of the missing item cannot be obtained by the librarian, a similar title will be substituted.

    Once payment of the replacement cost is made, your money is deposited into the bank and it cannot be refunded. If the missing item is located after payment, it becomes the property of your family or may be donated back to our library. 

    Please be aware that library books are becoming more and more expensive. The average cost of a library bound hardback children's book is now around $24.00, including processing fees. Many parents experience "sticker shock" when they are presented with a bill for lost library books.

    It is also important to know that the library cannot accept used or new copies of missing items in place of paying the replacement cost. Many of our books are purchased with special library bindings to make them more durable for heavy use.