• I. Governing Principles

    1.1       Mission Statement                                                                                          rev. 10/13/15

    The Mission of Auburn City Schools, the pinnacle of educational excellence, is to ensure each student embraces and achieves his or her unique intellectual gifts and personal aspirations while advancing the community, through a system distinguished by: 

    •  Compassion for others
    • Symbiotic relationships with an engaged community
    • The creation and sharing of knowledge
    • Inspired learners with a global perspective
    • The courage to determine our future

    1.2       Our Vision

    Auburn City Schools, in partnership with families and community, will create a safe, nurturing, learning environment where a challenging curriculum, high academic standards, and respect for diversity will maximize each student’s intellectual, artistic, technological, and physical potential to become a productive member of our global society.

    1.3       Our Statements of Belief                                                                                rev. 10/13/15

    The goals, objectives, and strategies guiding the Auburn City Schools are based on the following shared values and beliefs about education and its role in the life of our community. We believe that:

    •  all people have equal inherent worth.
    • all people deserve to be treated with kindness.
    • all people have the right to be safe.
    • diversity enriches a community.
    • communities thrive only to the degree that education of all is a shared commitment.
    • learning empowers the individual.
    • good character is always rewarding to the individual.
    • we are the agents of change for the world we want to create.
    • fairness is essential to trusting human relationships.
    • collective efforts always surpass individual potential.
    • we have the moral obligation to acknowledge and address the basic needs of others.
    • a culture of excellence is our greatest legacy.
    • faith inspires.

    1.4 Our Goals                                                                                                 rev. 10/13/15

    • 100% of students exceed established academic expectations
    • 100% of students continuously set and achieve personal, ambitious goals through life
    • 100% of students possess the character and passion to lead and serve a global society
    • 100% of students graduate and are competitive and in high demand in their career of choice