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Dr. Bruce Zutter

        What is Venture? Venture is a weekly enrichment time for whole classes of students in grades three through five. Each year there are two to four areas of study around a common science or engineering theme. In past years, students have studied various ecosystems around the world, wood, trees, solar energy, wind energy, maglev trains, water use, flight, birds and space exploration. This year students will explore engineering.  Third grade students will explore structural engineering as they design, build and test paper bridges.    Structural and materials engineering will be explored by fourth grade students as they engineer model houses using K'NEX and craft materials.
        Many classroom activities involve use of the 5-E learning cycle model in which students may be presented with various problem solving and/or building and design challenges. Students work together in pairs or small groups to assist in the development of cooperative learning and problem solving skills they need now and in their future careers. Activities often require students to engage in scientific and engineering practices: ask questions and define problems; plan and carryout investigations; develop models; analyze and interpret data; use math and computer technology; construct explanations and design solutions; engage in argument from evidence; and obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.

        One extracurricular enrichment opportunity is participation in the Elementary School Science Olympiad. The Science Olympiad consists of individual, pair, and team science/math events that students study and train for at home and after school one to two days a week from December through February. Students then compete against students from other schools at the competition held in mid-February on the Auburn University Campus. Information on Science Olympiad is made available to students and families in late September once the event coordinators forward it to schools.
        I look forward to working with the children at Ogletree to develop their interests, skills, reasoning, and problem solving in the areas of science and engineering. If you have questions about the Venture program, please feel free to email me.

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