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    Your child will be taking the ACT Aspire Summative Assessment between April 20th and May 6th.  Third and fourth grade students will be tested in the areas of reading and math, while fifth grade students will be tested in the areas of reading, math, and science.  This is a very different kind of test from those in the past because our students will be taking the assessments on the computer.  The computer program has special tools built into the program to assist your child. Students have already had a head start on learning the new testing program.  In October and January all students participated in ACT Aspire Periodic Assessment which provided practice with the multiple choice questions. 

    Parents can assist students in preparing for the ACT Aspire in the following ways:

    • Make sure your child gets a good night sleep.
    • Feed your child a healthy breakfast. 
    • Encourage your child.  Explain to them that while they are expected to try hard on every question, they are not expected to know all of the answers.  Some questions are intended to be challenging.

    It is important to note that a letter will be coming this week indicating the date and time that your child will be taking the assessments.  Please mark these dates on your calendar.  It is our desire to provide the best testing experience for your child.  While the ACT Aspire is an important test that all students in our state take, we want you and your child to know that it is just one measure of their growth this year. The leadership, character, effort, and all-around amazing talents of our students are even more important to us!

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