• You can find more information on residency and custody located on the ACS website under the ACS Parent and Student Handbook.

    • All required documents must be reviewed and approved before your child can begin to attend classes (Previous school records and contact information required for Auburn High School)

    Step 1 ---Create and Account and or Continue with Online Demographic Information

    New Students Only for 2016 - August 2016-May 2017 (These students did not attend ACS during the 2015-2016 School Year) Click here to complete New Student Online Registration

    Step 2 ---Upload Proof of Residency Documentation

    Current residency documentation is required for each child at each school your children attend; the parent/legal guardian must provide for each student at each school one (1) of the following combinations of residency proofs: 

    • Current year Lee County property tax statement and current month’s utility billing   
    • Mortgage closing document (signed Settlement Statement by Seller) and current month’s utility billing   
    • Mortgage billing statement (itemized, detailed and identifiable) and current month’s utility billing   
    • Recorded Warranty Deed and current month’s utility billing 
    • Current lease/rental agreement * and current month’s utility billing 
    • Trailer rental or ownership document and lot lease * and current month's utility billing (2016-2017) 

            *If lease expires during the school year, a renewed active lease must be provided to each child’s school at the time of expiration and renewal. Leases on or extended to a month-to- month basis require a Residency Affidavit to be filed for each child.

    Residency Requirements

    All Auburn City School students must domicile within Auburn City limits and domicile with the parent, legal guardian, and/or custodial parent. Each year, it is the responsibility of the parent, guardian, or custodial parent, to provide current proofs of residency for their student(s). Submitted documents must be in the name of the parent, guardian, or custodial parent; with the primary residence listed for the address. Additional documentation may be required if residency is in question.

    Step 3 --- In the event Proof of Residency Documentation is not uploaded this documentation must be presented to the school before the student is enrolled.

    Step 4 --- Required documentation before the student begins---

    • Child’s Social Security Card (Voluntary). If no Social Security Card or number provided, an alternate number will be assigned.
    • Birth Certificate or other proof of age and
    • Alabama Immunization Card (Blue)
    • Custody Documents, if applicable