Working with Plants


We are going to plant our own garden!  Go to the website below and choose

Planning my Garden   then Garden in Unbelievable Places


5th Grade 


Eat Wisely

Franks and fries, and French fondue
Beans and burgers and biscuits too
Chicken, chili, and cheddar cheese
When I munch too much, I always sneeze!

Great Poets for Children

Shel Silverstein Bruce Lansky
Kenn Nesbitt Jack Prelutsky






Learn about the Colonies!


Colonial Williamsburg Kids Zone


The Human Body

Heart and Blood are the Red boxes!

How the heart works


See your blood flow!

 Hit the play button when you get there!

Click  Circulatory system

Blood !

The Excretory System

The Nervous system

Find All systems here!

Choose systems in the far right column!

  New ! 

The Brain! 

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Learn the Library

 Parts of a book









5th Grade Book Bingo

Frisbee Golf Course Project

Polygon help web site 1 Polygon help web site 2
what is Frisbee Golf? My assignment

5th grade i.e.

Multiple meaning words web site one multiple meaning words web site 2



Create a Museum Box


Language - Persuasive Writing for Healthy Living  Research sites

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Native American Research Sites

Kachina (pronounced kah-CHEE-nah) dolls are traditional, hand-carved wooden dolls made by Hopi Indians of the southwestern US. Each Kachina doll represents a spirit in life. Some typical spirits represented by the Hopi in Kachina dolls include: the chief, the corn maiden, the ceremonial dancer, the singer, the ogre, the buffalo, the badger, the crow, the hawk, clouds,the sun, and the rainbow.
Kachina Dolls 1
Kachina Dolls
Totem poles are made by the Tlingit Indians of the Pacific Northwest coast of North America. Traditionally, each Totem Pole tells the story of a Native American family's ancestral spirits and family history (pictured in human and animal form). They depict the spirits as people, mythical beasts, and wildlife treasured by the Tlingit Tribe. These huge, wooden poles often show the bald eagle, grizzly bear, moose, beaver, otter, mountain goat, wolf, whale, porpoise, seal, sea lion, and salmon.
Totem Poles
Totem poles - make your own online totem pole online
Totem Poles a really great site to see the form and the reasons they made the totem poles. 



Native American Research sites


Native Americans
Learn about Tee Pees                              Making teepees




space sites

astronomy kids astronomy for kids

The Human Body

To Smart To Start Energy Room Food Pyramid
NO Drugs America Kids Health  






The nervous system


The skeletal system


The muscular system


The circulatory system


The digestive system


The respiratory system


Miss Hester's class Fact Finders

How birds build their nests

Breeds of horses

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Presidential Debates




Mrs.Grimmet's Social Studies site

Mrs. Bennett's class

Realistic Fiction Slide Show




Healthy Kids Web Sites 

Animal Research  5th grade