The mission of the Auburn City Schools/Auburn University Professional Development System is to foster collaboration among educators, students, candidates, parents/guardians, and other stakeholders.







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Professional Development System (PDS) Council

Membership of the Professional Development System (PDS) Council includes faculty and administrators from Auburn City Schools and Auburn University's College of Education. The Professional Development System is an ongoing council designed to foster collaboration and partnerships between Auburn City Schools and Auburn University's College of Education. Collaboration typically involves university faculty and students working with ACS teacher's) and their students.

PDS Council  wins the 2010 Nancy Zimpher Award for Best Partnership

The PDS collaboration now exists as a standard-bearer for partnerships between universities and local school systems. The Holmes Partnership, a consortium of approximately 100 research universities, has honored Auburn’s PDS with its 2010 Nancy Zimpher Award for Best Partnership.

Representatives of ACS and the College of Education received the award at the 14th Annual Holmes Partnership Conference, held January 28-30 in Charleston, S.C.

Auburn University is a charter member of the Holmes Partnership, which seeks “to enhance the quality of career professionals in teaching.’’ The partnership between Auburn University and ACS encourages collaboration among educators, students, future classroom teachers, parents and other community stakeholders. Currently, Auburn University faculty and their ACS counterparts are engaged in more than 20 ongoing initiatives that involve everything from mathematics to physical education.





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