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Mission Statement

The mission of Auburn City Schools, the pinnacle of educational excellence, is to ensure each student embraces and achieves his or her unique intellectual gifts and personal aspirations while advancing the community, through a system distinguished by:

Compassion for others
Symbiotic relationships with an engaged community
The creation and sharing of knowledge
Inspired learners with a global perspective
The courage to determine our future

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, defined as a method by which a community continuously creates artifactual systems to serve extraordinary purposes, has been approached as both a discipline and a process. With an intent to generate innovation and creativity and with a respect to the established traditions and reputation for excellence, it is the purpose of this plan to serve the students and community with a commitment to unprecedented possibilities and continuous discovery.

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[Board  approved March 2013]

Auburn City Schools enrollment is climbing at a very rapid pace

In October 2013, Dr. Karen DeLano laid out the process that Auburn City Schools would use to move forward with providing facilities for the ever-growing student population.

That process has been progressing steadily over the last several months. A facilities committee has been working hard on determining what options exist for providing adequate physical space for our students. At the same time, a financial committee has been studying options on ways to help increase our ability to pay for such facilities.

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Auburn City Schools Presents Facility Options Survey Results

Auburn City Schools presents the results of the data collected by survey during and after the well attended community forums. Results are being reviewed and considered along with other factors such as available funding, educational programming, instructional best practices, advice from the financial and facilities advisory councils, and student input while determining the best approach for addressing the enrollment growth and facility needs of the school district. The superintendent intends to bring forth a recommendation in early May 2014.

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Auburn City Board of Education held a joint work session with the City Council on Monday, April 28th, 7:00 p.m. at the Harris Senior Center, Opelika Road.

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ACS Facilities Plan Presentation 2024

ACS Facilities Plan 2024

Community Forums - February 24 & 25

Community Forum Meeting Presentation

Community Forum Options Packet

Kindergarten Registration

Children entering kindergarten in Auburn City Schools this fall may now register at the K-2 school they will attend in 2014-2015. Parents are asked to please contact their school as soon as possible to begin the registration process. An accurate count of students entering kindergarten will allow each school to prepare the appropriate number of classrooms.

Based upon your home address, please register at the school your child will attend:

Auburn Early Education Center
721 East University Drive
(334) 887-4950

Cary Woods Elementary School
715 Sanders Street
(334) 887-4940

Dean Road Elementary School
335 South Dean Road
(334) 887-4900

Richland Elementary School
770 Yarbrough Farms Boulevard
(334) 887-1980

When registering your kindergarten student, please take the child’s Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Immunization Record (Blue Card), and two proofs of residency to the school. For verification of residency, a mortgage, lease or property tax statement must be provided with a copy of a current utility bill or other acceptable artifact.

The Superintendent will accept alternate forms of evidence or modify otherwise applicable requirements as necessary and appropriate to accommodate migrant, immigrant, ELL or homeless students.

Children must be five years old on or before September 2 to register for kindergarten.

Questions? Please call the Board of Education Office at (334) 887-2100 for information.

Raville looks forward to her first administrative role at AHS

AHS_RavilleAuburn High School has an entirely new group of administrators in place to start the 2014-2015 school year with.

Caroline Raville has been selected as one of the assistant principals under Dr. Shannon Pignato and she is looking to bring her passion for education at the teacher level to her new position as an administrator.

Raville is originally from South Florida, but made the move to Auburn at age 15 before graduating from AHS in 2000 and earning an English degree from Auburn University.

“(After Auburn University) I went to Africa for a while and worked with a non-profit in Swaziland before coming to Nashville to work in publicity (for authors) for a publishing house,” Raville said. “From there I was hired by a non-profit organization that ran all the after school programs in Nashville and I was their director of development, but I kept sneaking out to spend all my time at the after school programs (which was actually in her job description).”

There Raville tapped into her natural talent for teaching.

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Ready for the Challenge

AHS_PignatoThe upcoming school year will bring many changes in administration within Auburn City Schools as Auburn High School welcomes a new principal in Dr. Shannon Pignato.

Pignato will be bringing her 20 years of experience in education to AHS.

She has been a part of Auburn City Schools for the past nine years as an administrator; first as an assistant principal at Dean Road Elementary (2005-2011), then principal at Auburn Junior High for the past three years.

She has now been selected and approved to take over AHS following the retirement of Rick Rainer at the end of this month (June).

“The upcoming senior class is actually the students I had in 9th grade for my first year at AJHS,” Pignato said. “Which will be neat because I also had a lot of them at Dean Road as well and it will be nice to have a population of students I know so well.”

Knowing the history of some of the students is a huge advantage and a head start on the job, according to Pignato.

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Ross Reed Named Principal of Auburn Junior High School

AJHS_ReedRoss Reed has held a wide variety of positions in the education field during the past 20 years.

He has been a social-studies teacher, a wrestling and running backs coach, but more recently he was the assistant principal of Auburn High School.

Reed has now been named the new principal of Auburn Junior High.

“I started out teaching and coaching at Cloverdale Junior High School, so I have junior high school experience and I was there for six years,” Reed said. “Then I went back to Jeff Davis (Reed graduated from Jefferson Davis High School in Montgomery in 1989); it was neat to go back there to teach and coach and also revive a wrestling program that went out in the mid ‘80s while I was there.”

Reed soon made his way to Auburn City School in 2006 initially assuming the responsibilities of AHS running backs coach, head wrestling coach and he even taught economics and U.S. History before becoming the assistant principal at AHS in 2009. “I just finished up my fifth year as assistant principal at the high school,” Reed said. “(When it comes to administration) I have always enjoyed solving problems, but my second driving factor was my kids were starting to miss me at home. As a teacher and a coach you wear many hats at once and my family was beginning to be left out and that was not going to happen.”

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ACS hires Dr. Shelley Aistrup to be Principal of AEEC

AEEC_Principal_AistrupAuburn City Schools has named Dr. Shelley Aistrup the new principal of Auburn Early Education Center.

Dr. Aistrup is coming to ACS from Manhattan, Kansas and has been in education for more than three decades.

She has 20 years of teaching under her belt, having taught in Virginia, Indiana, and Kansas.

“I decided I wanted to be a teacher my senior year in high school,” Aistrup said. “I had an experience where I went every afternoon to an elementary school and had the opportunity to teach a little girl how to read. It was such a fabulous experience to watch this shy student’s personality change when she learned to read. That just sold me on what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.”

Aistrup became interested in administration after presenting across the country and taking on various leadership roles in the schools where she was teaching. She realized that by assuming an administrative role, she could make a significant impact by helping a set group of teachers and students grow as learners.

“I thought if I could be a principal, I would have the chance to influence teachers every day and over time, impact a lot of children, and be able to really see the difference I was making,” Aistrup said.

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