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Mission Statement

The mission of Auburn City Schools, the pinnacle of educational excellence, is to ensure each student embraces and achieves his or her unique intellectual gifts and personal aspirations while advancing the community, through a system distinguished by:

Compassion for others
Symbiotic relationships with an engaged community
The creation and sharing of knowledge
Inspired learners with a global perspective
The courage to determine our future

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning, defined as a method by which a community continuously creates artifactual systems to serve extraordinary purposes, has been approached as both a discipline and a process. With an intent to generate innovation and creativity and with a respect to the established traditions and reputation for excellence, it is the purpose of this plan to serve the students and community with a commitment to unprecedented possibilities and continuous discovery.

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[Board  approved March 2013]

ACS Facilities Plan Presentation 2024

ACS Facilities Plan 2024



Auburn Veterans' Project

Vietnam War


Dr. Blake Busbins' students at Auburn High School are wanting to help preserve the legacy and contributions of local Vietnam veterans in the spring (April 30 & May 1, 2015) for the Auburn Veterans Project. Through conducting interviews, students will record the oral histories of these veterans to submit to the Library of Congress and to place on a website they created. If you know anyone who may be interested in telling their story, please help us spread the word on this project. This project was funded in part by the Aviation Outreach Group through the DonorsChoose.org website.  Go to the link below for more information: http://auburnveteransproject.weebly.com/

Auburn High School - Preliminary Site Plan


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