Cell Analogies Poster Project


MATERIALS:  Poster board cut in half, pieces of colored construction paper,

                         Text with illustration of cell structure, scissors, glue, colored pencils,

                         Colored string or yarn, magazines, newspaper ad sections.


Analogy:  A comparison between two things that is similar in some respects,

                 but otherwise are different.  An explanation of something by comparing it

                 point by point with something else.



It takes 3 million cells to cover the head of a pin, but only one cell collage to make a difference in your Science grade.


Draw a PLANT or ANIMAL cell in pencil in the center of the poster board.

Include 12 of the following structures from the list below:   


Identify your poster by labeling it either an Animal Cell or Plant Cell in the top center of the poster board.


First & Last name, date, & class period (A, B, C, Static, D) in bottom right corner of board.


BASIC STRUCTURES (must use ALL of these that are appropriate for your cell)


Cell or plasma membrane                                        Chloroplast

Nucleus                                                                             Cell wall

Nucleolus                                                                          Lysosome

Mitochondrion                                                                   Vacuole

Golgi apparatus (Body)                                                     Vesicle

Ribosome                                                                          Centrioles

Endoplasmic reticulum (smooth & rough)

Nuclear envelope



****Draw, color, & label all structure parts of your cell. ****


Find out the function (or main job) each structure has in the cell.  Use Science lab book, text book, dictionary, computer, or other reference books.


Find a magazine or newspaper picture of an everyday object, which has a similar function (use) as each cell structure.  Write a short analogy to show the similarity between the cell part and the everyday object.  Be sure to explain the reasoning behind your analogies.  Example:  Nucleus acts like a brain because it controls and coordinates the activities of the whole cell in the same way the brain controls & coordinates activities of the body.


Gluing of PicturesOutside of the cell drawing.

Glue the pictures of the everyday objects that you chose from magazines or newspapers outside of the cell but close to the correct structure.   Label the pictures with your neatly written analogies.  Use (GLUE) a colored string or yarn to connect the picture of the analogy to the cell part within your drawing. You may use a marker to draw the connecting line between cell part and picture, if use a straightedge to draw the lines.


                                     Cell  Analogy Poster Rubric for Grading


Cell drawing (must be close to 8 x 11)                    15 points

Cell labeled (Animal or Plant)                                    5 points

Neatness                                                                  10 points

Colorful                                                                   10 points

Cell Functions                                                          20 points

Cell analogies                                                          20 points

Cell analogy pictures (magazine & newspaper)       20 points

                                                                    Total    100 points



Assigned   September 12, 2011                           Due Date September 30, 2011


Students can earn 5 LE bucks for each day the completed assignment is turned in early. Ex. Completed project turned in September 20th, ten days early student will receive 50 LE Bucks.


I understand the directions of this project.  I am fully aware of the date this project is due.  The project is worth 100 points and if turned in late, I will lose 5 points a day that it is late.


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