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January Computer Lab Activities:


Martin Luther King Jr.'s Birthday
After we watch the MLK Jr. Brain Pop Video, open Microsoft Word and write your own speech about a topic that is important to you.  It could be about something you feel needs to be changed or an issue you believe people should pay more attention to.  Save your speech to your p-drive.



Dr. King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. What's that? Do you recognize any other laureates? What's a laureate? Look it up.



Reading and Writing Activities:

Learn the parts of a paragraph, writing and editing, and the different kinds of paragraphs.

Writing with Writers
Develop your writing skills. Projects cover Descriptive Writing, Folktales, Mysteries, News, and more.

Read "Louder Than a Clap of Thunder"* by Jack Prelutsky.
Create your own poem following the same plan. Try a "faster" theme, "slower, softer, smaller, taller, messier...."

Use Microsoft Power Point to create your presentation so that we can follow along.


Giggle Poetry
Try reading some of these silly poems aloud.

A Game A Day

Word Games and Puzzles



Winter Games and Activities



Giggle Poetry




Snowman Stomp


Winter Whirl


Arctic Animal Puzzles


Build a Snowman


Free Rice






Sun nien fai lok!


           Chinese New Year is one of the largest, most colorful holidays celebrated in China.  This year, it begins on January 23rd.  Chinese New Year is not the same day every year because it follows the lunar calendar.  Because the lunar calendar changes with the phases on of the moon, Chinese New Year can fall anytime between the end of January to the end of February.  The New  Year is celebrated from the first New Moon until the next New Moon 15 days later. 


           During the Chinese New Year celebrations people have large family dinners, dragon dances, and lantern festivals.  Firecrackers are often used to celebrate.  They welcome in the new year and wish for good luck as they say farewell to the past year.  Many decorations are red because it is considered a lucky color in Chinese culture. 


            Lai See is the custom of giving money in a red envelope to children and young adults.  In Hong Kong, it is typical to only give new bills as Lai See.  Some people line up at banks to get the new bills.


Enjoy these Chinese New Year Games!



Countdown to the New Year


Counting Koi


Musical Lanterns




Pictures as Words


Exploring the Palace


Chinese zodiac


Photo Slide Show


It's the Year of the Dragon Article


Chinese New Year 2012


History of Chopsticks


Chinese Zodiac Calendar


Explore Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year Quiz: 1



Ticket To Read



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