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April Computer Lab Activities:

Earth Day:

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22.  It is a day to help remind us the importance of taking care of our environment

Recycle City

Find out how recycling helps our environment.
Student / Teacher steps for web quest activity using this site.

(# 3) Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day

Enjoy these Earth Day Activities:

Recycle Works

Earth Day | PBS KIDS

Michael, Go Recycle!

EcoKids Games

Just for Fun:

Lemonade Larry

Write Your Favorite Author
Addresses available from Kids Read

Going Buggy*
Play "Monster Bugs", go on an Insect Bug Hunt,
or read answers to kids' questions about bugs.

Alphabet Soup
word search

Migrating Monarch Cyberhunt*

Bird Brain Challenge

Fern's Poetry Club

Read, Write, Think
Acrostic Poem, Diamante Poem, Shape Poem

Poetry Idea Engine
from Scholastic

What Rhymes With Squirrel?

Easter Word Search


Egg Hunt


Make an Egg




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