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5th Grade Projects:

ARMT Testing practice


Dream Vacation

Bedroom Design


Go to the Wordle website and type a poem or description of yourself.  You could also type a list of words. Make sure the things that are most important to you are repeated so they will appear larger in your word cloud.  Use the 'print screen' key to save your Wordle to your p-dive file.



Career Exploration

We will use these websites to learn about different jobs in a community.

Visit Career Town and learn about the careers in each level.

Do you like animals? Check out some of these Zoo Jobs

Careers at the Georgia Aquarium will explain the jobs you could do at an aquarium!

What Do You Like? Learn about the jobs you are interested in!

Go to Kids Work to find out about Hospital Jobs, Theater Jobs, and TV Jobs.  Click on the buildings to learn more!

Use the BUILDING BIG website to learn about engineering jobs.

Use this College Search to find a school you may want to go to

Now that you have learned about many different jobs, open a new Microsoft Office WORD document and write a paragraph telling me about the job you are most interested in. 

Explain why you think you would be good at that job. 

What kinds of school or training would you need to be able to do the job?

How does this job help people?


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. What's that? Do you recognize any other laureates? What's a laureate? Look it up.

You will pick a person that has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  Look up information about that person, including what work they did to receive the award.  You may also use Wikipedia to find more information.

Christmas Around the World Webquest

Directions: Answer the questions in a Microsoft Word document.

When you are finished go to any of the following links:

1.Christmas around the world

2. Christmas Cultures

3. Christmas Traditions

4. World Christmas

5. Christmas worldwide - Wikipedia

1.  Go to

2.  Click on Roald Dahl

3.  Click on Roald Dahl Biography

4.  Navigate through each "chapter" and find the answers to the questions.

          * The questions on the sheet are in the order of the website to make it easier to find the information.

Spanish for Kids

13 Colonies Research

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