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2nd Grade Projects:


Use these websites to do your state research

State Facts from the Internet Public Library

State Facts

Fact Monster State Facts

State facts from Enchanted Learning

Alabama Virtual Library



Use this map to see where Ben visited in his dream

Find answers to your landmark questions here


Math Games:

Moon Rock Patterns


Multiplication games


Flash Cards


Counting Fish




Drop Sum


Racing Numbers


Monkey Business


Basketball Math


Addition with Marbles


Balloon Pop Subtraction


Add & Subtract


Math Magician


Telling Time



Addition & Subtraction


Career Exploration

We will use these websites to learn about different jobs in a community.

Visit Career Town and learn about the careers in each level.

Use Ben's Guide to Your Neighborhood to learn about the jobs in a community.

Do you like animals? Check out some of these Zoo Jobs

Go to Kids Work to find out about Hospital Jobs, Theater Jobs, and TV Jobs.  Click on the buildings to learn more!

Play What's My Job? and try to guess which person does the job that is described.

Match what tools these workers use On The Job!


Now, open a new Microsoft Word document.

Write a paragraph telling me about the job you like the most.

What does a person in that job do?

Do they help people? How?

Would you be good at this job? How do you know?



Go to the Wordle website and type a poem or description of yourself. You could also type a list of words. Make sure the things that are most important to you are repeated so they will be larger in your word cloud.

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