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  • Laptop Orientation Sessions

    AJHS will be hosting our laptop orientation sessions on the dates listed below in the AJHS Auditorium.  We strongly encourage all parents and students to attend one of these sessions.  Laptop User Agreements will be available for completion and laptop fees will be collected during each session.

    Thursday, July 7 - 11:30am
    Thursday, July 14 - 5:30pm
    Tuesday, July 19 - 5:30pm
    Tuesday, July 26 - 5:30pm
    Thursday, July 28 - 12:00pm


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  • Summer Assignment for Advanced English 9

    All students enrolled in Advanced English 9 for 2016-17 will need to read The Time Machine by H.G. Wells and Anthem by Ayn Rand. Please see the assignment sheet below that includes an explanation of expectations and (optional) guiding questions for both novels. There are links to online versions of both texts, and students can also buy copies locally or online. On the first day of Advanced English 9, students will take a test over both novels. This is a 100 point assessment grade. It is highly recommended to use the guiding questions as students read, but responses will not be turned in for a grade. If you have any questions, please contact any 9th grade English teacher.

    Summer Reading Assignment - Advanced English 9

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  • Summer Assignment for Advanced English 10

    Students that are enrolled in Advanced English 10 for the 2016-2017 school year should go online to Auburn High School’s website and download the summer reading assignment below. Remember that this will be your first test grade for your 10th grade year. Contact Mrs. Wentworth at AHS if you have questions.


    Summer Reading Assignment

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  • Driver's Ed Zero Period

    Zero period Driver’s Education will be offered both fall and spring semesters for the AHS 2016-2017 school year.  Demand for Driver’s Ed is very high.  By signing up for a zero period class, this guarantees you will have a spot in the class if you previously requested Driver’s Ed during the February online course request process.

    Attendence is critical for this class.  Your time commitment is being at school from 7 am until 7:50 am for six weeks of class time and then your driving times as scheduled by your teacher.  Please sign up in the counseling office.  This class is limited to the first 22 students that sign up for each semester that had a prior Driver’s Ed course request submitted for the 16/17 academic year. 

    Interested students may sign up in Mrs. Pickens’ office, 7118.

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  • Awards Night

    Awards Night will be held Tuesday, May 10th for 9th grade and Thursday, May 12th for 8th grade at 6:00 pm in the AJHS Auditorium. Students receiving awards will receive notification prior to the event.

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  • Laptop Collection

    Laptop collection will take place on Thursday, May 19th during the 5th block brunch session.  Students with physical damage to their unit must have a completed Incident Report form with a parent signature to turn in with their computers.  If you have a missing charger or laptop bag, payment must be made to Mrs. Schnuelle in the front office.  Please keep your receipt until laptop collection is complete.  Students owing fees for missing parts or damage will not be permitted to take their final exam until all fees have been cleared through the office.  Replacement cost for school-issued laptop charger is $60.00 and laptop bag is $25.00.  If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Mandie Matheny.

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  • Final Exams

    Final exams for the 2015-16 school year will be Wednesday, May 18th and Thursday, May 19th. Students will dismiss at 12:25 during exams. Any requests to take final exams early must be approved through Mr. Reed. We will follow the schedule below:

    Monday, May 16th (Blue)
    0 Period  - Class
    1st Block - Class
    2nd Block - Class
    3rd Block - Blue Alternating Day Exam
    5th Block - Blue Alternating Day Exam

    Tuesday, May 17th (White)
    0 Period
    - Class
    1st Block - White Alternating Day Exam
    2nd Block - White Alternating Day Exam
    3rd Block - Class
    5th Block - Class

    Wednesday, May 18th (Blue)
    0 Period - Exam
    1st Block - Exam and 1st Block Alternating Blue Day Exam
    2nd Block - Exam and 2nd Block Alternating Blue Day Exam
    Dismiss at 12:25

    Thursday, May 19th (White)
    0 Period - Exam
    3rd Block - Exam and 3rd Block Alternating White Day Exam
    5th Block - Exam and 5th Block Alternating White Day Exam
    Dismiss at 12:25


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  • AJHS Counseling Group on Schoology

    Join the AJHS Counseling group on Schoology! You can receive information about registration, course offerings, and upcoming testing information. Access Code: FNZCQ-RMCQG

    Click here to go to Schoology

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