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Auburn High School welcomes a new principal in Dr. Shannon Pignato and three new assistant principals, Bo Morrissey, Caroline Raville, and Damian Sinclair.

Pignato has brought her 20 years of experience in education to AHS.

She has been a part of Auburn City Schools for the past nine years as an administrator; first as an assistant principal at Dean Road Elementary (2005-2011), then principal at Auburn Junior High for the past three years. “The upcoming senior class is actually the students I had in 9th grade for my first year at AJHS,” Pignato said. “Which will be neat because I also had a lot of them at Dean Road, so it will be nice to have a population of students I know so well.”

Knowing the history of some of the students is a huge advantage and a head start on the job, according to Pignato.

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A special thank you to our PTO for their continued support of our school!  Please consider joining our PTO!  The AHS PTO Board for the 2014/2015 school year is:

President:  Judy Prior (jacprior@aol.com)

VP Membership:  Lauren Horton (teamhorton4@gmail.com)

VP Hospitality:  Fran Lyons (lyonsfamilyemail@gmail.com), Rebecca Baird (bairdrs@charter.net), and Edie Stabler

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Treasurer:  Valerie Fetsch (valeriefetsch@charter.net)

Teacher Grants:  Effie Albrecht (pilioef@auburn.edu)

Over thirty years of research has proven parent involvement is one of the largest determining factors related to school success. Research indicates parent involvement yields higher grades, better attendance and more positive attitudes and behavior.

We encourage you to visit AHS's PTO website (http://ahspto.edublogs.org/)  for resources and ideas as to how you can better informed about your school involvement.

AHS Cafeteria Information

Breakfast served from 7:25 until 7:50 a.m. in the cafeteria and from 7:30 a.m. until the last bus arrives at school in the bus stop area.

We accept checks (with telephone numbers), but no counter checks, cash, or money orders.

We do not give change; all extra monies are applied to the student account.

Students must know their pin number and have their money ready at time of purchase.

For more information (including menus and payment information), click here.

Sharon Ogburn, AHS Child Nutrition Program Manager

Email address:  sogburn@auburnschools.org

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