Physical Education Rules

1.       Respect others and their property.  Always remember treat others the way you would want to be treated.


2.      ALL backpacks and laptops must be left in your school locker as directed by administration.  Purses, phones, and other valuables should be locked your locker with a lock in the locker room. We will not be responsible for articles left unattended and unsecure.  If you do not have a lock, coaches will be glad to lock your valuables in a secure location during your class time.                                                                                             Suggestion:  **Do not share your lock combination with others.**



3.      Absolutely NO electronic devices in Physical Education class or Weight Training class , unless issued by the Physical Education/Weight Training teacher.

All electronics (phones, ipods, mp3 player, earphones, etc.) must be locked in locker. This is the students responsibility.


4.      Horseplay is dangerous and inappropriate in the gym, locker room, pool, and on the playing field.  If you are not dressing out you should not be in the locker room.


5.      Fighting of any kind will NOT be tolerated. This includes physical and verbal abuse.


6.      Profanity is not allowed.


7.      Every student is to be in his/her assigned  roll call spot on time (one point is deducted if you are late). Please remain in your assigned spot until given instructions.


8.      Our offices are located in the gym area. They are off limits unless the teacher has given you permission to enter.  Do not enter the offices without permission.


9.      Boys must enter the gym through the main entrance of the “Boys” gym, NOT the entrance on the “Girls” gym.  All girls should enter class at the Girls Locker room entrance, not through the boys gym.


10.   Boys must also enter the locker room through the locker room door, NOT through the coach’s office.


11.    You must stay in the gym area until the bell rings.  Do not leave the gym and enter another building.   If you choose to leave this is considered skipping. 


12.   Upon entering the gym do not touch the clock, the fans, or any other equipment.


13.   Be extremely careful if you are climbing “The Wall.”   Please remember only climb under a teachers supervision.  The wall is a peg board with wooden pegs that a student can climb to the top and back down to their starting place to earn having their name painted on the gym wall. 


 These rules are for your protection and safety and will be taken seriously.  Anyone who chooses to ignore or break these rules will be subject to disciplinary action as stated below.


Disciplinary Action

  Any student who violates the rules will be subject to the following actions:

1.      Warning

2.      Student removed from activity resulting in loss of five points from participation grade

3.      Parents contacted by email or phone

4.      Before school detention in the gym

5.      Office referral


During the year our Physical Education classes will participate in off campus activities, which will require bus transportation and a fee for the activity. Please be aware that these activities are not free and will require us to charge the students.  Take bowling for example, we will announce in advance the amount and due date of necessary fees.  We look forward to having a great year and enjoying these wonderful opportunities!


Auburn Junior High is always looking for additional sports equipment for our program. If you have any used equipment in good condition and would like to donate it to the P.E. department it would be greatly appreciated! THANK YOU! Examples of items needed : ball gloves, pool sticks, bats, tennis racquets,  Air Hockey or Ping Pong tables or paddles. 

Teachers contact information

David Ogle                                

Katie Carter                                 

Chris Spencer                           

Kelly Walsh                               

Rene Wilson                             

Vaughn Maceina