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Summer at AJHS!

Schedules for 2015-16:

·        Current 8th graders will receive their 9th grade schedules at schedule pick-up on July 29th

·        Students will have a window of time to request schedule changes after July 29th.

·        Current 9th graders will receive their 10th grade schedules sometime over the summer.  AHS will notify you about a schedule pick-up day.

Report cards:

Report cards will be mailed (snail mail) to students’ homes by June 1st(This is very important to share with parents, as historically they start calling the school to inquire as soon as school is out.)

Summer School:

·        Any 8th grade student who is REQUIRED to attend summer school has already been notified or will be notified via a letter enclosed with the report card.

·        If students DO NOT receive a letter stating such, then they are NOT required to attend summer school.

·        Any 9th grade student who is REQUIRED to attend summer Credit Recovery will be notified via a letter enclosed with the report card.

·        Any 9th grade student who failed an academic course this year will be INVITED to attend summer Credit Recovery to make up the course.  But, participating in CR is not mandatory for these students, only encouraged.

·        Summer School and Credit Recovery begin Tuesday, June 2nd @ 8:00 a.m.  Students are to report to room 618. 

Summer PE:

·        Summer PE begins Tuesday, June 2nd at 8:30 a.m. 

·        The class is FULL, so only those students who have already registered and paid will report.

Summer ACCESS:

·        Summer ACCESS begins Monday, June 8 at 8:00 a.m. 

·        ACCESS is FULL, so only those student who have already registered will report. 

·        ACCESS students are to check the list posted on the wall across from Mrs. Pickens’ office to confirm they have a spot.

Infosnap Registration

Auburn City Schools returning student registration online form is now live and ready for use.

Returning students, please click here to access online registration.

New students, please click here to access online registration.

IMPORTANT: You will need to upload two documents as proof of residency:

  • * A current copy of your mortgage, lease, or tax documentation.
  • * A current copy of a utility bill
  • These documents will need to be scanned and uploaded through the infosnap website. If you need assistance scanning these documents, AJHS will be more than happy to help. Just bring them by our front office and we will assist you.

Immunization and HAR

"The purpose of this communication is to inform you of school registration requirements. In addition to online registration, all parents/guardians are required to submit the following two documents pertaining to school health for each child being registered: 

  1. An original and up-to-date State of Alabama Certificate of Immunization (i.e. Blue Card): IMPORTANT TO NOTE: All students who are 11 years old and will be entering 6th grade as well as any student older than 11 years old, who will be entering grade 7-12 and who has not already received a TDap vaccine, must receive the TDap vaccine to enroll in/register for school. For additional immunization requirements, please see the ACS Pupil Progression Plan or contact your child's school nurse.
  2. State of Alabama Board of Education Health Assessment Record (HAR):Parents/guardians must complete and submit a HAR for each child every school year as part of the registration process. A separate form is required for each child, regardless of whether or not a health condition exists. Parents/guardians may obtain the HAR - on the school webpage or from their child's school. ***Parents/guardians will be contacted if these documents have not been submitted by the first day of the 2015-2016 school year.

Medication and Health Assessment Information for 14-15

Click the links below for information about medications at school and the procedures that must be followed. All medications must go through the school nurse.

Medication/Immunization Information

Health Assessment Record

Provider Parent Information

Head Lice Information

eSchool Payment Site:

Click here to make online payments for events at Auburn Junior High School.

Leading and Learning in the 21st Century

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Advanced English 9 Summer Reading

In Advanced English 9, you will study World Literature and look for connections among texts from various locations.  In preparation for the course, you will have two novels to read over the summer:  The Time Machine by H.G. Wells and Anthem by Ayn Rand.  You will be responsible for finding a copy of each book.  Check local bookstores or the public library for a paper copy.  On the AJHS website, you can find links to online versions of each book.  In addition, you can find guiding questions for The Time Machine on the school website.  Completion of these questions is optional, but they might strengthen your understanding of this challenging novel.  (If you do not have reliable internet service at home, please give your name to your English teacher to request a hard copy of books and questions.)

Be prepared to take an assessment on both novels on the first day you have class with your English teacher.  For some of you that will be the first day of school.  (Remember, the school year always starts on a Blue day, so check your schedule.  If you aren’t sure which day you’ll see your English teacher, be ready on the first day just in case.)

Do not procrastinate!  Secure copies of your books now and begin reading!  August 6 will be here before you know it.

If you have any questions, you can email Mrs. Elizabeth White, Ms. Molly Watkins, Ms. Kristen Ferrell, Mrs. Jennifer Stewart, or Dr. Sonya Lloyd.

Time Machine Study Guide

Auburn Junior High School is currently in our seventh year of the 1:1 Laptop Initiative.  For more more information about our laptop program or to find handbooks, work order forms, or user agreements, please click here.

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