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Auburn High School
405 S. Dean Rd.
Auburn, AL 36830
Office: (334) 887-4970
Band: (334) 887-4986


BY YEAR: 2004

Fall Supper Concert December 11, 2004
A Christmas Festival Leroy Anderson Listen  
The Eighth Candle Stephen Reisteter Listen  

Concert in the Park October 3, 2004
Yama Midori James Barnes Listen  
Mulan Matthew Wilder (arr. Johnnie Vinson) Listen  
The Marriage of Figaro W.A. Mozart (arr. Earl Slocum) Listen  
Young Persons' Guide to John Williams arr. Jay Bocook Listen  
The Woodwind Polka arr. Andy Clark Listen  
Star-Spangled Salute arr. James Barnes Listen  
Big Four March Karl L. King Listen  

Awards Concert May 7, 2004
Symphony No. 1 "The Divine Comedy" Robert W. Smith    
        I. The Inferno      
        II. Purgatorio      
        III. The Ascension      
        IV. Paradiso      

Festival of Champions - Panama City April 17, 2004
Blazing Fury David Shaffer Listen  
Chorale and Shaker Dance II John Zdechlik Listen  
Blue Ridge Saga James Swearingen Listen  

State Contest March 16, 2004
Odyssey James Curnow Listen  
On a Hymnsong of Philip Bliss David Holsinger Listen  
Galop from Genevieve de Brabant Jaques Offenbach (arr. John Bourgeois) Listen  

Spring Supper Concert February 28, 2004
Odyssey James Curnow Listen  
The Coventry Frances McBeth Listen  
Galop from Genevieve de Brabant Jaques Offenbach (arr. John Bourgeois) Listen  

District Contest February 26, 2004
Odyssey James Curnow    
The Coventry Frances McBeth    

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All recordings archived on this page are available based solely on the performances themselves being the substantially important historical record of the Auburn High School Band. Other aspects of these recordings may be protected by copyright.

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