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Auburn High School
405 S. Dean Rd.
Auburn, AL 36830
Office: (334) 887-4970
Band: (334) 887-4986


BY YEAR: 2001

Fall Supper Concert December 15, 2001
Fanfare of Wakakusa Hill Itaru Sakai Listen
With Quiet Courage Larry Daehn Listen
Through the Vulcan's Eye Robert W. Smith Listen
Life is Beautiful Nicola Piovani (arr. Claudio Mandonico) Listen

Awards Concert May 15, 2001
Symphony No. 1 "The Divine Comedy" Robert W. Smith    
        I. The Inferno      
        II. Purgatorio      
        III. The Ascension      
        IV. Paradiso      

Spring Supper Concert April 21, 2001
Vesuvius Frank Ticheli Listen
Dylansong Robert E. Foster Jr. Listen
The Wizard of Oz Harold Arlen (arr. James Barnes) Listen

District Competition February 21, 2001
Colonel Bogey March Kenneth Alford Listen
Concord Clare Grundman Listen
Vesuvius Frank Ticheli Listen

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All recordings archived on this page are available based solely on the performances themselves being the substantially important historical record of the Auburn High School Band. Other aspects of these recordings may be protected by copyright.

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