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Auburn High School
405 S. Dean Rd.
Auburn, AL 36830
Office: (334) 887-4970
Band: (334) 887-4986


BY YEAR: 1969

1968-1969 Concert Selections
The Standard of St. George March Kenneth J. Alford Listen  
New World Symphony, Mov. 1 (Adagio; Allegro Molto) A. Dvorak Listen  
New World Symphony, Mov. 2 (Largo) A. Dvorak Listen  
The Gladiator's Farewell March H. L. Blankenburg Listen  
American Overture for Band Joseph Jenkins Listen  
Unfinshed Symphony, Mov. 1 Franz Schubert Listen  

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All recordings archived on this page are available based solely on the performances themselves being the substantially important historical record of the Auburn High School Band. Other aspects of these recordings may be protected by copyright.

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